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MMS is on trial against the FDA and Big Pharma

Many of you already know about Daniel Smith and his problems with the FDA. He was arrested on Feb. 4, 2013 and is now awaiting trial on March 3, 2015. This is a very important trial not only for the right to use MMS but for the right to control our own health without government interference.

Let me tell you what happened the day of the arrest to help all understand that these people and the agency they represent have to be stopped! On the morning of the arrest, 7-8 people came into Daniel’s house uninvited and arrested Karis and Daniel in the early morning as they were getting their eight-year-old daughter ready for school. Both parents were standing at her bed in handcuffs trying to console her and let her know they'd be back when she said tearfully, "I would just pretend you were going to the movies, but I know you're really not." She had no idea how to process people with guns in her house taking her parents away from her. To this day she sleeps close to her parents, reaching out to make sure they are still there, as well as making sure all the doors are locked and gets nervous when she hears noises outside. The FDA destroyed her tender heart. They could have at least waited for them to take her to school, but these are people who enjoy the thrill of a siege and filling others with terror.

While in jail they took Daniel, his wife and two other Green Life employees DNA and forced them to be injected with deadly TB matter. They held them in cells without contact with one another for a month, slowly transporting them from one jail to another between Oregon and Washington. Once in Washington, the government tried to have Daniel held in pre-trial detention stating he was a flight risk. He would have been in jail two years now if they had. Thankfully, many people wrote letters to the magistrate and they put him on house arrest with an ankle monitor instead.

This is REAL terrorism. All Daniel was doing was helping people take charge of their own health instead of leaving it in the hands of standard medical protocols that do so much harm. Project Green Life was recording testimonies and had people manning phones to help guide people with various health issues.

“Restoring health” to many and helping to continue maintaining their health without any medical or pharmaceutical interference is the REAL reason why Daniel and the others are being persecuted!!! The Big Pharma wants to maintain their monopoly on so-called health care and have paid to protect that monopoly by getting “approved” by the FDA which means no clinical studies if they pay the “Fast Track” fee of 200+ million dollars with a promise of “no persecution” if injuries or deaths occur from their “approved” drugs. This is a scam on mankind! Let me give you an example of how evil and manipulative these agencies have become.

You have heard that a double blind study is a great way to prove if a drug is safe or not, right? Ok, well you are never told that the placebo given to the group that is not given the drug is chosen by the pharmaceutical company. So, they can give a drug, herb, sugar pill as a placebo without FDA interference. It is up to the pharmaceutical company. In one study they gave sugar pills as a placebo to diabetes patients! The group that was being tested for a new diabetes drug did better that the placebo group because the placebo group was reacting to the sugar!

Search the internet for other similar studies about the placebo group getting sugar pills, herbs, or chemicals that cause problems with their specific disease. They do this to "prove" that the drug works better for the patient in the controlled group as opposed to the placebo group. These people are calculating evil doers for money!

The Genesis II Church has done their own clinical studies:

1. One was done in Uganda with 154 people malaria patients showing blood tests before and after. SEE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KwSxdN2JIs

Note: Two other trials were done in Malawi and Brazil with 100% of the people restored to health from Malaria with more planned for the future.

2. Chikungunya in the Dominican Republic - 600 were treated in a 6 week period. Others are being treated in Colombia.


3. 21 Ebola Patients with before and after tests in Sierra Leon.


So, the Genesis II Church has defeated Malaria, Chikungunya, Dengue Fever and Ebola with MMS or Chlorine dioxide one of our Sacraments. We don’t need the FDA to approve our sacraments and don’t want their approval. We are a Church and the things we hold as sacred have nothing to do with any government agency.

They can try to stop our right to take our sacraments but the whole world will come to our aid no matter what religion to preserve their own rights! They don’t want to open that can of worms. We have power in numbers that they don’t have. The sleeping giant is waking up and we are that giant!

We need to shut down the FDA and ALL the pharmaceutical companies by bringing them to trial in the World Common Law Court for crimes against humanity to end this reign of health terror on this earth!

The FDA doesn’t do what they do for public safety reasons but to enforce the agenda of Big Pharma who pay billions for approvals by the FDA. Many of the directors of the FDA go on to work at high levels in the pharmaceutical industry after they leave the FDA. This protection by the FDA and the monopoly that the Big Pharma enjoys has to stop!

There is no equality when it comes to the FDA and certainly no justice. The Court systems are just as bad by simply enforcing laws that the Big Pharma has paid to have passed into law.

The FDA influences other countries to attack alternative health therapies to protect Big Pharma’s interests around the world. I have seen this first hand in Dominican Republic, Canada, England, Ireland, Chile, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. The FDA sent the Dominican consumer protection agency, video cameras and a Dominican soldier to our house in the D.R. a few days before Daniel was raided. They had no idea that we are a Church so when I told them they were invading the Genesis II Church they left and never came back! One of our Bishops in Ireland was raided, held but not charged and is seeking the Church’s property back now.

Around the world these governmental agencies are harassing good people doing good things with alternate health therapies. We have to petition the World Common Court to persecute these atrocities and the governments of the world to shut down these drug regulatory agencies worldwide. When the paid approval boards for the Big Pharma are gone, they will soon be OUT OF BUSINESS!!!

The arrest of Daniel, his wife and two other employees was Feb 4 2013 and the trial was rescheduled until March 3, 2015. As alleged the charges are introduction of a misbranded drug ("MMS") in interstate commerce, smuggling (because the import paperwork did not declare the sodium chlorite to be "a drug"), and conspiracy to misbrand, smuggle, and defraud the FDA. This all carries a 37 year maximum penalty and I think $1.5M in fines. Daniel has been fighting pro se - against all the prosecutorial and judicial misconduct - but the court systematically discriminates against self-represented litigants - in particular this judge. You see the deck is falsely stacked against Daniel so he needs help from all of us.

This fight is for all of us worldwide that want to declare and maintain their right to control their own health without any governmental interference!

Daniel has some really good counsel lined up to defend him in this upcoming trial. There are many costs and he is trying to raise $200,000 to really hit this case hard to stop, once and for all, the attacks that are against all of us that believe in alternative health therapies and worldwide freedom! If this case is won, we can use this as a precedent for other cases throughout the US, Canada and the world!

Please help us raise these funds to help Daniel defend all of us!

NOTE: 100% of the monies raised goes to Daniel’s defense case minus any GOFUNDME costs.


Jim and I have talked extensively about Daniel’s case since he was arrested. We believe that this is another thing that has happened so we can ALL come together in this millennium to make a change in this world!

We are changing the world by the 1000’s!
Archbishop Mark S. Grenon


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