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Since my book, “Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century” was printed and distributed worldwide, people have made millions on selling the formula while little has come back to fund the projects I've wanted to do worldwide.

I have exhausted my time and finances hoping and waiting that someone or a group of grateful people would give donations to fund these projects. Well, I hate to tell you all - it hasn't happened. Not to say there aren't many grateful people, but usually, the grateful ones just don't have the money. We can't wait any longer for these grateful people.

I believe we are here for a purpose and that purpose is to “Restore Health” to a world that is being slowly abused and killed by a group of people that have the finances and means to control and slowly eradicate us from the earth while making the rest of those that remain; slaves.

I believe that there is now a group of us determined to change this and the time is now to take back control of our health. I started the Genesis II Church for this purpose, with soon to be Archbishop; Bishop Mark Grenon.

The Genesis II Church is a non-religious Church. Everyone is encouraged to seek out their own spiritual truths wherever they so choose, if they so choose - as well as to help others world wide or come and have their health restored and then help others worldwide.

We now have over 500 health ministers trained in 80+ countries!

Our purpose now in the 3rd millennium is to help the world regain their health and in doing so, take back the control of this world with the message of the Genesis II Church which is basically summed up in two of our beliefs, “Do Good Deeds” and “Always Do Right”.

I have tried to allow some to be “authorized” to sell my formula and to give back 10% hoping that this would finance the Church's projects worldwide. ( This will not stop and we need more to be authorized to do the same, seewaterpurificationsuppliers.is .)

Well, not to minimize their help but there just isn't enough of them giving and so we now as a Church are going to do it ourselves.

Now, all the money received from the sales through donations will go to the Church and to reach our goal of “Restoring Health to the World”. This will allow us to fund our projects such as:

Eradicating Malaria, the #1 killer on this planet, (which has been My Vision from the start.)
Supporting on-going Health projects like the one we have in South America among the Indigenous people
Supporting Genesis II Church Health Restoration Centers around the world,
MMS Training Conferences worldwide,
The training and educating of people on this planet to “take control of their own health and to reach self-sufficiency - therefore controlling their own destiny and the destiny of this world!
• And to be “a voice” against those that oppose the above beliefs and projects of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing.
• And last but not least, making sure that MMS is produced correctly and used correctly worldwide.

The time is now here for us to go to another level as the Genesis II Church. We are not excluding anyone from selling MMS, but as the saying goes, “If you want something done, you have to do it yourself”.

Well, now the saying for us needs to be,”If the Genesis II Church wants something funded we have to fund it ourselves”! This is now not only Jim Humble's Vision - but the Genesis II Church Vision!

The Genesis II Church will now take donations for the sales of our sacraments. We will set up areas around the world with people that are Church members and that are like-minded, i.e.“Doing Good Deeds” already.

50% of the donations will go directly into a designated Genesis II Church account, not my personal account. The other 50% will cover supplies, utilities and the people that are working.

Our plan is to establish another “Genesis II Church Health Restoration Center” in Bogota ,Colombia in January. We are looking into Argentina and Thailand after the Colombian one is established.

Each Genesis II Church center will make available Health Restoration, MMS Conferences and produce and make available for sale by donations all the “Sacraments” needed for restoring health.

In Bulgaria, we will have the followingSacraments” and other items used in our “sacramental” protocols available:

• MMS & Citric Acid
• CDS 
• MMS2 
• Moringa
• Diatomaceous earth
• Neem
• Sea Water
• Epsom salts
• Spray Bottles
• Other necessary items

Please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note: We will pick the people to do this, so there is no need in writing to us asking us about setting up an area to do this.

We know everyone we will be using to help set up these centers and they will be ONLY Genesis II Church Health ministers in good standing.

What I mean by “in good standing” is they have to be “doing good deeds” i.e. be available to restore health to people if needed and have paid their annual $20 membership fee.

We now have around 1,000 members and many have not paid their annual fees, so they are “inactive ” and not in “good standing”.

Could you imagine if we had 10,000 members all paying their annual dues, that would be $200,000 a year just from that!

Imagine a million! As we get more people on staff we will keep up with this in more detail. So get your membership current!

To pay your annual membership contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As many of you know, we have started our first Health Restoration Center located in Bulgaria. We will be receiving people to help them restore health, holding seminars there as well as producing "Sacramental waters" and other items needed in our health protocols.

People that want to come to "Restore Health" will have to stay 3 weeks and follow the protocols and diet we have created under supervision.

The only costs to individuals are: Room and Board at the hotel they will be staying at which is 65 Euro per day per person, and 25 Euro per day for food. This is important to ensure the best possible results.

Note: There will not be a vegetarian diet available due to the fact that during the "health restoration protocols", meat and dairy will be part of the repairing and rebuilding up of the cells and the strengthening of the immune system which we believe is crucial to the "restoration of health".

Of course, we are talking about raw milk and cheeses, free range chicken eggs as well as raw honey.

For information about the
Genesis II Church European Restoration Center, see video at:

Our Next Bulgarian Genesis II Church Seminar will be December 8th & 9th. For more details,
contact Bishop Amanda at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sign up quickly to reserve your place. Tell others so we can train more Genesis II Church Health ministers and help us to fulfill our goal of "restoring health to the world".

We are now finishing the home video courses in Portuguese, Hebrew, Arabic and Chinese (Mandarin) and making sure everything is being updated correctly. Remember we have only been working with a very small crew up to this point and many are volunteers for the most part. We will help those first that have been with us and add more good like-minded people as well.

For our MMS home video course:

As far as others selling MMS and CDS, that will still be allowed. We want to have even more “authorized” distributors, (but we must caution all of you that you are under “commercial law” and not “common law”, and those are two different sets of laws.

Governments and private corporations can come after you with teams of lawyers.

There really isn't much we can do to defend with you the Genesis II Church even though you have the right. But, under their laws you might not be successful and they will “wear” you down financially and physically to stop you even though you are doing nothing wrong.

Now, under the Church you are operating under “common law” which isn't on the same playing field at all no matter what the lawyers say.

Case in point: The Roman Catholic Church and the Mormon Church to name a few Churches that are established under “common law”. Many lawyers don't even understand the concepts of “common law” because that was not even in the curriculum where they studied. We have established the Genesis II Church not for the purpose to “hide” but to be free!

This is our God-given right and we will use it to fulfill our goals and objectives on this earth.

Initially, we will start taking donations to purchase the Church protocols at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Let's Restore Health to the World!

- Archbishop James V. Humble
Discoverer of MMS and founder of the
Genesis II Church of Health and Healing

- Bishop Mark S. Grenon
First Bishop – Genesis II Church and Co-founder

P.S. Please have as many people as possible sign up for our bi-weekly newsletters at: genesis2church.is (at the bottom of the page.)

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