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Come to our 50th Genesis II Church Seminar taking place in Holland Dec. 11th-13th


Hotel venue

We are excited about going to Europe again with updated methods, ideas and evidence in restoring health! This Genesis II Church Seminar will be in ENGLISH. The venue for this Seminar is 1hr and 43mins. from Amsterdam, Holland in a town called, Weert. We are inviting as many as are able to come to our first Genesis II Church Seminar in the Netherlands! It is also our 50th seminar of the Genesis II Church taught by me- Archbishop Mark Grenon, Bishop Joseph Grenon and Bishop Jonathan Grenon. We have really enjoyed seeing how the seminars have evolved into a logical, methodical and rational teaching approach with much experience and evidence to back it all. We just had two medical doctors and a chemist at our last seminar in Ecuador who were really impressed with what they learned in the 2 ½ day seminar. 10 out of 18 students are going to start Church Chapters in their prospective areas. Many Health Ministers and Bishops are now coming back with their own testimonies from Church chapters that have already been established throughout the world! We are adding testimonies to YouTube as well as trying to follow cases we are dealing with in each newsletter to show how the healing is taking place and to inform all of you what protocols we are using.

One of the goals of the Genesis II Church is to give every person on earth the ability to “take control” of his or her own health and be set free to practice “self-care” how they so choose. We also want to train 100’s of thousands to train others! By using this method worldwide we will be able to help support a worldwide paradigm shift in regard to health. Please consider attending this VERY informative seminar. In order to plan the seminar we want you to help us by registering quickly and save $50 Euro at the same time. Hope to see many in Holland soon!

Our 50th Genesis II Church Seminar Dec. 11th-13th in Weert, Netherlands, (Holland)

The donation for this seminar is €400 which will include the following:

NOTE: Register before November 30th and save €50, Couples and returning Health Ministers get an additional €50 off!

Seminar will Include:

• Kit of Sacraments to follow along as we teach (MMS, HCL 4%, DMSO etc.)

• Genesis II Church Sacramental Protocols Workbook

• Health Minister Photo I.D. Card (Upon graduation is required info sent 2 weeks in advance)

• One year membership in the Genesis II Church

Certificates included:

1. Certificate of Completion of the Genesis II Church Seminar(Upon Graduation)

2. Health Minister of the Genesis II Church where each graduation student is awarded the “Reverend” title (Upon Graduation).

3. Membership Certificate (Upon Graduation).

4. Church Creed (PDF)

5. Church Logo (PDF)

6. Certificate of Authorization to open a Genesis II Church Chapter, (upon request) (PDF)

7. Public Announcement of Genesis II Church Chapter (upon request) (PDF)

8. Links to all the latest Sacramental videos, 49 in total!

9. EBook - “Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millennium” by Archbishop Jim Humble

10. Much more info to allow you to teach others with ease.

11. Snacks included during break

Seminar with lodging included is an additional €295
For those who want to stay at the hotel where the seminar takes place, then the hotel is offering the following for €295.

Lodging includes:
Friday: Dinner and room.

Saturday: Breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Hotel room included for Saturday night)

Sunday: Breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Hotel room not included)

If anyone wants to stay Sunday night then ask the hotel for an additional night. ALL participants have to contact hotel directly to reserve a room and is paid directly to the hotel.

The earlier everyone registers and reserves a room, the better the chances are that no one will be turned away for lack of rooms. We are cutting off the number of students at 50, so sign up soon! Remember, if you sign up for the seminar before November 30th, you will receive €50 off the donation of €400 to €350.

Note: Couples and returning Health Ministers get an additional €50 off!

To sign up for the seminar please contact Bishop Joseph Grenon at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To contact our Health Minister in the country please write Hendrik at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note: We will be staying at the hotel also.

I want to show everyone the power of some of the topical protocols when added to the Protocol 1000. We are showing 2-3 photos in progress only after a week or so. We will give updates in upcoming newsletters and on our Genesis II Church of Health and healing Facebook page:





After three weeks on the Protocol 1000 and the Spray bottle protocol. This man is very happy and says it is healing nicely. Sent in from Bishop Sam in Mozambique.


This is a woman that was brought to us during our last seminar in Guayas, Ecuador. She has been on Protocol 1000 and doing a spray protocol of MMS1 with DMSO spray on top. After, just 3 days the pain she has had for a year was gone and she is now able to sleep the whole night. The tumor itself is slowly reducing. She has had it for a year so it may take a while. We will keep everyone updated!

New video testimony about Ovarian Cysts:

Man dying of Prostate disease:

A written testimony from one of our Health Ministers just came that we wanted everyone to read!

Dear Genesis II Church,

FYI -- I have shared MMS protocols with a number of folks, since becoming a Genesis II Church Health Minister in April 2014. Here are some of the results my friends have experienced in the last year.

1. Bladder cancer completely gone after 2 months (the docs had been ready to remove the bladder).

2. Rheumatic heart disease of 30 years, gone after 2 months. Complete recovery of heart function, which had been at 32% function 2 months prior. Cardiologist was astounded.

3. Asthma of 22 years (since birth), gone after a 3 week protocol 1000.

4. My own kidneys were cleansed of yeast overload (I didn't even know I had it, till it started leaving my body). Thanks be to God, or I probably would've ended up with high blood pressure in a couple years.

5. Severely diabetic cat, at end of life, completely recovered after 2 months.

6. Severe lower bowel infection (after indulging at the buffets in Las Vegas) with much bleeding in the stool and much pain. Using Clara's 6 and 6 protocol, pain and bleeding gone. Upon continuing a 3 week protocol as a precautionary step, the man's skin discoloration (similar to vitilago) cleared up completely. It had covered his entire back, and no creams from the doctors had any impact in 3 years previously.

7. My children use MMS to nip in the bud any sign of a cold or infection or stomach ache. (Four children, ages 15 - 23)

8. My daughter, who is headed to college, recently had titers done for Measles, Mumps and Rubella. All titers came back showing no (0) antibodies. She's had no vaccines, but we assumed she'd have built up the anti-bodies over her lifetime after exposure to others. Then I read the Genesis II Church Vaccine protocol, and realized that by doing MMS, she was ridding her body of all remnants of those viruses -- which would result in zero anti-bodies. Of course, she won't need the anti-bodies, since she has a strong immune system and MMS!! (This will make it more difficult to get into college, but we're thrilled that the MMS is so powerful!)

I continue to recommend MMS to anyone that has an interest. Praying many blessings upon you and those who assist you.


Another testimony letter this week.

My family and I have used MMS for the past decade as an alternative to conventional medicine. The only side effects we’ve ever experienced are positive ones - ill symptoms for which we did not intend to apply MMS for disappear! We can’t say that about any of the pharmaceutical products can we?

Here are some of the conditions we had cured ourselves with the sole use of MMS.

- common colds

- urinary tract infection

- candida - wasp stings

- swelling subsides and pain relieved

- skin blemishes

- sluggishness and prone to colds & infections 

- MMS detox renews the overall health condition, helping with weight loss too

Here are other conditions we cured using MMS with a few other natural substances

- painful lumps in my left breast (after 1 week of full therapy with MMS1, DMSO and B17 tablets, pain and lumps gone)

- our pet dog’s tumor the size of a golf ball vanished after 5 days administering MMS and B17 tablets

- Hoffa’s disease (swollen fat pad below the knee cap) - knee operation was scheduled for my husband 2 years ago. In the meantime we applied MMS and DMSO in the 3 weeks until the day of operation with positive effects. On the day of operation the surgeon declines the procedure stating that the swelling and infection were not there anymore. My husband hasn’t had the problem since.

Taking MMS on a periodical basis helps my family and I to stay healthy and avoid any negative development. We nip any ill conditions in the bud by taking MMS at the early stage. I wouldn’t be stating this unless it is TRUE.

God bless you,


Anyone one of you could be doing the same after you take the training!

We invite as many as possible to come to this seminar in Holland from ALL over Europe and learn how to “restore health” by the Genesis II Church Sacramental Protocols! Hope to see you there!



Upcoming Genesis II Church Seminars

We will have a detailed newsletter coming out this weekend about location and donation required.

We are also wanting to do a 10 nation Genesis II Church Safari to “Kill the Man-Eating Lion” – Malaria next February – April in Southern Africa

You can see more testimonies at our YouTube channel, “MMSTestimonials” in English or “TestimoniosdeMMS” in Spanish. Or our testimonial website:

If you are need of Sacramental Guidance please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For more information about our Sacramental Guidance in Vilcabamba, Ecuador contact Archbishop Mark Grenon at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Newest Genesis II Church Restoration Center

A NEW Genesis II Church Restoration Center has opened August 1st!

The Genesis II Church Vanguard Seminar Team is now in Vilcabamba, Ecuador setting up our newest Health Restoration Center at: The owner, Peter, is helping us offer an all inclusive Health restoration package for one month for all that want to come and focus on “restoring health”. See my interview with Peter. His mom was “restored to health” from breast cancer with MMS -

This “Health Restoration” package will include:

1. Lodging in a Superior room with a beautiful view of Vilcabamba valley.
2. All food in included, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Note: Natural organic fruits and vegetables as well as raw milk, cheese and eggs are always available and organic ice cream!
3. There will be a “spa” session every day. Massage, different types of baths i.e. clay and detox, sauna.
4. The Full Genesis II Church Sacramental Protocols to deal with whatever health issue such as, All types of Cancer, Diabetes, MRSA, Hepatitis, Herpes, HIV, Lyme Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Autism, Candida, All Allergies, Digestive problems, high blood pressure, obesity, parasites, tumors and cysts, problems with Prostate i.e. high PSA, skin problems, eye problems, chronic sinus infections, erectile dysfunction etc. In fact 95% of the world’s diseases! See some of the testimonies on our YouTube Channel, “MMS Testimonials”
5. Every participant will receive ALL the protocols on video as well as our Genesis II Church Sacramental workbook, now 160 pages!
6. Every participant will have the opportunity to become a member of the Genesis II Church if they so choose with an I.D. card included.
7. Interaction with other participants and members that have been through the protocols for encouragement.
8. A trained Health Minister or Bishop is available 24/7.
9. Every participant will leave with the knowledge of how to “restore health” from most diseases and be able to guide others as well.
10. Enjoy the fresh air, water and food at one of the most beautiful places in the world, Vilcabamba, Ecuador, the valley of Longevity. What a beautiful place to restore one’s health!

This is a great opportunity for anyone with any health issue to come and be “restored to health”! Please contact me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our first participant: Jonathan cured of 20 years of allergies -

Archbishop Mark S. Grenon




Genesis II







MMS Wiki






Update from Daniel Smith in jail! He needs ALL of us to earnestly pray for him.

I just received this letter from Daniel. He is asking every one of us around the world to pray for his upcoming sentencing on the 27th of October. We all need to not only have “sympathy” for what he is going through but more importantly, “empathy”. Empathy is more than just “feeling” for him and his situation but feeling like you are going through it yourself. Every one of us has been had experiences where we have felt helpless, forgotten and pleading to God for help and mercy. That is the attitude we need to have when we are praying for Daniel. May all of us uplift Daniel and this upcoming sentencing to the Creator of the Universe! 

Thank you all!
Archbishop Mark S. Grenon

Daniel’s letter follows:

Beloved friends in health freedom everywhere,

I am Daniel Smith. This letter finds its way to you – most likely by way of your computer screen – having first been written upon a piece of paper with a dull two inch pencil from a dimly lit concrete jail cell here in America – a place often sung about in national anthem as “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” I must apologize, to those of you who have been on this journey with me for some time, for not having written updates more often. Please forgive me.

I have been incarcerated for five months now, and I'm about to enter the deep. On October 27, 2015, I will be sentenced to anywhere from 0-34 years in federal prison. I say “zero”, because I remain a believer in miracles, mainly, that there is something Higher that dwells within each one of us and holds the Power through Love, prayer and forgiveness to sway even the hearts of kings – in this case, even a federal judge or a prosecutor.

It matters little, at this point, how I got here, except at least that I can tell my children I did so by standing for what I believe to be good, right, and true, and that I will continue to do so until there is no more breath in me. As a friend once told me...many have come to this place before, but given up or walked away for fear of losing too much. I miss that person. They were instrumental in this journey as they sat with me in the Dominican Republic five years ago at a GII conference and encouraged me to always remember who I am.

I want to share a miracle with you. A few days ago a man named Juventino, who spoke only Spanish, came to my jail. He explained to another Spanish speaking inmate that a Voice told him in a dream, two nights before, that he would be going to jail, but he did not know why. The next day he found himself in jail, having been pulled over in his car and said to have an unpaid traffic ticket. That night in jail, he said, the Voice told him, in another dream, he was here to pray for a “Louis”. The next morning he walked through the jail pod asking in Spanish who in here was “Louis”.

He then told my Spanish speaking friend that if God told him there was a “Louis” in here to pray for, he was going to do it, because God is never wrong, and he asked my friend to join him in a prayer for this “Louis”. Shortly after that, Juventino was released (apparently they had the wrong guy). As my friend later related the story to me in English, I slowly slid across the table an envelope bearing my full name...Louis Daniel Smith. Until that moment he had only known me as Daniel. It was a miracle moment for both of us. The next day, my Spanish speaking friend was moved to another facility.

What a blessing that Juventino heard a Voice in his heart and faithfully followed its instructions so that, even despite a language barrier, God could reach me here and remind me that I am not forgotten, I am not alone, and miracles still abound. But the miracle does not end there.

There is no order of difficulty in miracles. They are the inheritance of each and every one of us, despite what we believe about anything, including ourselves or others. What a thing that I could share this miracle with you now, and its effects can be felt in the hearts of thousands all around the world. What a miracle, I tell you. What a miracle, indeed.

Miracles are truly amazing. They undo the the present...and in so doing, release the future. They save time. They are expressions of love and total forgiveness, and holding love and forgiveness – about all of this – is where I continue struggle.

I recently received an overnight letter from a producer at ABC News in New York. They want to fly to Washington State to interview me regarding this case before my sentencing. I declined the interview, explaining to the producer, Cindi Galli, that the real story here is not my story, but the story of people like you whose lives have been positively impacted by the use of natural health products like MMS. I told her to keep an eye on her email for your story and encouraged her to make an effort to report the truth and not simply the government's line. If ABC is truly interested in “consumer safety”, surely they ought to consult consumers like you.

If you are so inclined, please feel free to write an email to ABC producer Cindi Galli [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.], and share your success story regarding MMS, or your interest, as a consumer, in truthful, balanced reporting. This is an opportunity in which someone in the media is listening, and we need simply and lovingly give them something real to report. Cindi Galli's email is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. She is waiting to hear from you.

Also, I ask for your prayers – that on October 27, 2015, the judge's heart be moved to leniency in my sentencing. In the end, my conviction is being appealed and an acquittal or new trial is very likely, they say, but in the meanwhile I must focus on sentencing.

I miss my family and my friends – many of whom you can see in the video at I miss the feel of sunshine on my face, the sound of my childrens' laughter, the sight of Autum leaves falling from trees, the warmth of a fire and a nice cup of tea. I relish the day that I can come home again, and I hope it will be soon. Thank you, again, for all your support – for your letters, donations, and most importantly, your prayers, which give wings to these amazing miracles.

Love and Blessings always,

Daniel Smith




Help for Alvin Rose (75) Against The Abuse of Health Canada

This is a plea for a small amount of financial aid for a Canadian Minister of Health of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing​.

In the early morning hours, March 2015, a minister of our church, named Alvin Rose (75 years of age), of Marystown Newfoundland, faced a serious trespass by two agents of the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) along with two agents of Health Canada over a question concerning the sacraments of our church which is called MMS.  Alvin was woken by a commotion outside his trailer door. Upon opening the door to see what was going on he was confronted by two agents from Health Canada and two RCMP officers stating they had a warrant to enter and search his property. They presented a warrant, but a bond, which is required by Canadian law, was not present with the warrant.  Alvin asked the agents to please get the required bond before returning to search his property, but all the agents ignored his request.

As Alvin then attempted to close the door he was met with force by one of the woman officers who pushed him backwards and moved herself up and into his small entrance. This caught Alvin off guard, scaring him with such physical force.  He began to fall back as he was not solid in his footing. Alvin reacted by reaching out and holding on to the officers arm to prevent serious harm by falling back on a coffee table and possibly​ hitting his head… Alvin was then charged with assault for simply trying to stay on his feet. 

The agents then searched Alvin’s living quarters and found a single bottle of MMS that Alvin used for his own personal use.  Since the police officers could find nothing or any consequence to charge Alvin with, they have made false charges which are—assault on an officer and obstructing an investigation by Health Canada. This apparently is their tactic, that when they can’t find anything to charge you with they simply make up a few things that will sound bad to others using MMS.

Alvin has never had so much as a parking ticket his entire life… yet he has to face a corrupt crown and court attempting to basically show the people of Canada they cannot use MMS.  They could not find enough evidence to prove he is selling it, so they have charged him on anything they could think of. The false charges their court is attempting to apply are assault of a police officer and obstructing an investigation by Health Canada (that was being carried out without lawful papers). 

Alvin is determined to see this through on behalf of us all, so no other man or woman will have to face such disturbing acts of trespass by Government agents.
Alvin is an acting Bishop within the Genesis II Church. This continues to be very difficult and disturbing time for not only Alvin but all of us in this world. He has helped people his entire life including the Cancer Institute in New Zealand for over 10 years, donating his time and research for free to bring about technologies to help all of us should we or a loved one fall ill. He has also helped many people in his community without hesitation when they show up at his door seeking help. 

Now it is Alvin who needs our help and we are rallying around this man to support him given he has harmed no man/woman or property. The Crown has set their trial date for October 15th  2015. Alvin is in need of serious financial help quickly to continue to defend himself properly as he  has a very small pension to support himself which he has drained over this past year to stop this wrong. 

Our target goal is $5,000 to defeat this continued trespass in the near future. 

Here is the link to donate: 

Alvin Rose Defense Fund

----> DONATE NOW <----

Thank you for your time and consideration to support Alvin and his efforts affecting us all.




Petitioning Chief Judge Rosanna Malouf Peterson

Emergency Petition for Sentencing Leniency

Daniel Smith, United States

On May 27, 2015, in Spokane, Washington, U.S.A., Daniel Smith was convicted of introducing a misbranded drug into interstate commerce, importing a misbranded drug contrary to law, and a conspiracy to do these things.

He now faces anywhere from 0-34 years in prison, entirely at the discretion of the Judge. His conviction followed as a result of his attorney failing to present a defense after admitting, on the record, his decision to not do so was not strategic, but for lack of preparation and being an “uninformed lawyer”.

The alleged drug Daniel Smith's company, Project Greenlife, sold was “MMS” – or sodium chlorite solution – an otherwise non-controlled and ubiquitous water purifying substance available in almost every country for decades, and which may be used to safely generate chlorite or chlorine dioxide for private, in-home use to eradicate disease-causing pathogens, like yeast, mold, fungus, viruses and bacteria.

Daniel Smith is a compassionate family man with four children, one grandchild, and a burden to ease the suffering of humanity. He is also a champion for natural health freedom, and seeks to bring about needed change in our legal system, but he needs his freedom to do so.

This emergency petition, addressed to the Chief Judge presiding over Daniel Smith's case, asks her Honor to exercise her discretion to grant a variance of extreme leniency, and to restore Daniel Smith to his family and our world community.

Daniel has already spent almost three years in one form of detention or another, including the last five months in a county jail. Please sign this emergency petition and very respectfully ask her Honor to exercise leniency in Daniel's sentencing this October 27, 2015.

If MMS or Daniel, or his company, has had a positive impact on your life or the life of a loved one, please share this with the Judge in the comment section when you sign this petition. Please Tweet, Facebook and spread this petition far and wide, as we only have about 9 days.

You can see Daniel and his family, and read more about his story, at Thank you for your support..


    Emergency Petition

 for Sentencing Leniency

       Stand By Daniel

 ----> Sign Petition <----

Thank you for your time and consideration to support Daniel Smith.




Genesis II Church of Health and Healing chapter #139 in Colombia!

As we are expanding and trying to reach the whole world, we are in need of more Bishops & Health Ministers to start their own church chapter. We have held 4 seminars in Colombia over the past few years of which we have trained close to 75 Health Ministers, also obtaining about 100 Members. The Genesis II Church chapter #139 located in Santa Marta is here to help the people of Colombia restore their health. I would like to offer to all of Latin America and Central America a free 10 minute consultation to answer your questions regarding your health and what you would like to know about MMS. I would also like to share with everyone a few testimonies that have been recorded here in Colombia.

Varicose Veins:

Cancer and psoriasis:

Brain Cancer and herniated disk:



Here we have also a documentary that was recorded a few years back in Seynimin with the Arhuacos. 7 Gates to Seynimin

2nd Documentary with the Arhuacos: Nabusimake: Where the Sun is Born 

God willing, at the end of October, I am planning on going to record some testimonies and take more of our Sacraments to the Wayuu, another indigenous tribe located on the northern part of Colombia called La Guajira. I will be documenting it so that all may see how one person, Bishop Manuel Catedra, made a difference in the lives of many people. If you would like to make a donation to the church chapter #139 to help the people of the tribe Wayuu, you may do so here: Or contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. God bless you all!


Manuel Catedra in Camarones, La Guajira

Genesis II Church Chapter #139 Facebook page: 

Sacraments for Donation in Colombia:

Please sign: 'International Red Cross: Treat the victims of Malaria who are dying throughout the world' MMS vs. Malaria Petition.

Have you or anyone you know had good results with MMS?
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Red Cross MMS Malaria cure cover-up scandal:
Learn more or -|-Sign petition-|- 

CD Autism recovery statistics:

Download full ebook (FREE with NO STRINGS!).

A total of 186 children have been recovered (ATEC score of 10 or below,) using the CD Autism parasite protocol published in Kerri Rivera´s new book Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism available here. CD stands for Chlorine Dioxide, which is an inexpensive, broad spectrum, gentle, anti-pathogenic.

Undeniable proof that the Red Cross cured 154 Malaria cases with MMS, in their water purification study in Uganda, 2012: This video got leaked and released 1st of July 2013 and makes it impossible for the Red Cross to keep claiming that the study never took place, as was their response to the 2nd of may video.

Red Cross cures 154 Malaria cases in Uganda with MMS:
This video was released 2nd of May 2013.

Autism Moms with MMS miracle stories (videos):

Basic Science of MMS:
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When you have taken one of our MMS seminars or studied our Home Training DVD and passed our exam, then you can become a Health minister of MMS and Reverend of Genesis II Church.


Other great books by Archbishop Jim Humble:


1. Secrets of Enlightenment - Read more.
There are a number of new concepts (secrets) in this book that you will not find in any other book on earth. If that is not so then Archbishop Jim will happily refund your money.

They say the simpler a concept is, the longer that it takes to develop. Well, that is true about this book. Read more.

Download ebook or Order Hard copy.

2. Zero Fusion and Atomic Alchemy - Read more.
In this book which includes a free set of videos where Archbishop Jim shows you how to reduce radiation to zero, and make gold in the process.

This technology could clean up the worlds atomic waste sites if given the chance. Read more.

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Petition to Stay Daniel Smith's Sentence and End Malaria Death (

Thank you.

Who is Daniel Smith?

Had good results with MMSMany do!
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CD Autism recovery statistics:
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A total of 262 children have been recovered (ATEC score of 10 or below,) using the CD Autism parasite protocol published in Kerri Rivera´s new book Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism. CD stands for Chlorine Dioxide, which is an inexpensive, broad spectrum, gentle, anti-pathogenic.

Red Cross MMS Malaria cure cover-up scandal:

LEAKED: Proof Red Cross cured 154 Malaria cases with MMS: This video got leaked 1st of July 2013 and makes it impossible for the Red Cross to keep claiming that their Sodium chlorite 22.4% (MMS) study never took place, as was their response to the 2nd of may video.

Red Cross cures 154 Malaria cases in Uganda with MMS:
This video was released 2nd of May 2013.

Read about the Red Cross MMS Malaria scandal on the MMS Wiki:

Jim Humble and Tiger

This breakthrough can save your life, or the life of a loved one. In 1996, while on a gold mining expedition in South America, I discovered that chlorine dioxide quickly cured malaria. Since that time, it has proven to restore partial or full health to hundreds of thousands of people suffering from a wide range of disease, including cancer, diabetes, hepatitis A, B, C, Lyme disease, MRSA, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, HIV/AIDS, malaria, autism, infections of all kinds, arthritis, high cholesterol, acid reflux, kidney or liver diseases, aches and pains, allergies, urinary tract infections, digestive problems, high blood pressure, obesity, parasites, tumors and cysts, depression, sinus problems, eye disease, ear infections, dengue fever, skin problems, dental issues, problems with prostate (high PSA), erectile dysfunction and the list goes on. This is by far not a comprehensive list. I know it sounds too good to be true, but according to feedback I have received over the last 18 years, I think it’s safe to say MMS is able to overcome most diseases known to mankind.

Jim Humble's Books


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Introducing the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook, including my new Health Recovery Plan (HRP), available for download. Discover the latest up-to-date information on my MMS technology, significant completely new data, and improvements that myself and others have determined through on-going use of MMS around the globe.

Over 50 updated tried and proven protocols are outlined, including some key tips and secrets for all those who wish to recover their health from most illness and disease and/or learn about prevention and longevity!

The health recovery procedures given in this book are the result of 20 years of teaching people how to use MMS. Scores of people worldwide have used and applied the principles outlined in my first books, or taught in seminars. As a result, over the years I have received a great deal of feedback, much of which has contributed to this book and to the development of my new Health Recovery Plan.

Unfortunately there is much misinformation floating around regarding MMS, and this too, has compelled me to write this book. I have written this guidebook to help you learn the fundamentals of the Master Mineral Solution (MMS) in a clear and concise manner. This book is chock full of a number of protocols that when followed properly, help restore people’s health. Our Key Protocols go together with a number of Supporting Protocols to make up the Health Recovery Plan. In this book you’ll learn about the overall sequence or strategy for this plan.

If you have a serious health issue of one kind or another from which you need to recover—this book is for you. Likewise, if your health seems to be “OK” but you would like to nevertheless achieve optimum health, this book is also for you. Whatever category you fit in—a basic ongoing routine with MMS can help you (and/or your loved ones and pets/animals) get healthy, keep you healthy, and help you maintain a good quality of life! The key is to use MMS properly—this book will show you how.


Download Full Ebook for Only $22.50

Go back up The Master Mineral Solution of the 3rd Millennium (2011)

This is my second book on MMS. It includes more past history about the continuing story of MMS. You’ll learn about the basics of MMS, including the chemistry of it and how and why it works. Also included are instructions for several ways how you can make your own MMS.

The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millennium is essential to those who want to learn the chemical and technical foundation of how MMS works. A chemical explanation for laymen and scientists alike is included. Learn about oxidizers, and how oxidation destroys pathogens. This is a must have reference book for those who want to delve deeper into understanding how MMS works. This book includes some of the basic original MMS protocols, however, if you are in need of health recovery today, I suggest you order my latest book, the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook for the updated protocols and information on overcoming most diseases of mankind.

If you are interested in the story of MMS there are three chapters in this book telling the continuing story of MMS in this world. Should you want the full story you will need to also buy my first book, The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century. It is estimated that 20,000,000 people had used MMS by the year 2008. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been saved and the suffering of thousands has been overcome.


Download Full Ebook for Only $19.99

Go back up Secrets of Enlightenment (2012)

This book gives simple answers to most of the questions people ask, such as: Where did I come from? Why am I here? Why don’t I remember my existence before this life? What is my purpose in life? Etc.

This book has been 60 years in the writing and compilation (this lifetime). It is unique and quite different than most books about enlightenment.  I believe that you learn about spirituality and life by living life and taking part in the game of life, not by being tucked away in a cloistered setting. You may not believe in past lives, but in case you do, I believe I have received much of the information about life given in this book from past lives. This book gives simple answers to most of the questions people ask, such as: Where did I come from? Why am I here? Why don’t I remember my existence before this life? What is my purpose in life? Etc.

Secrets of Enlightenment points out that life is a game and that you should play it to the hilt. In these pages you’ll discover secrets, or what I call an understanding of life, that is not found in any other book on Earth and if that is not so, I will be happy to refund your money at any time.


Download Full Ebook for Only $18.99

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