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MMS Course being held in France right away!

 I seem to have missed telling you about the important new Seminar that is being held in France starting on Saturday, the 7th of February through Saturday, the 14 of February. It's very important that people be there!

This new Seminar will teach everything that I teach from the seminars in the Dominican Republic. Many that have come have said, “It was a life-changing experience ”. During this course you will make MMS, do a day of the Protocol 1000, Protocol 2000, and Protocol 3000.

You will do the 6 and 6 protocol for pains, the breathing of MMS from a cup, soak your feet in MMS, spray your face, arms, legs, and feet. Make up a MMS2 capsule; put some MMS in your eyes, nose, ears, and many other things. You will learn it all. This is the second course in the world to be held other than at the Dominican Republic.


This is the contact info. The course is at La Vie Tara, Route de St. Bonnet, 07520, Lalouvesc, France. Tele: 0033-475678532 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; and Website

February 7 to February 14.


I also want to mention that the first Seminar to be held using my DVDs elsewhere in the world other than the Dominican Republic completed only yesterday in London. The Seminar was conducted by Ann Schneider-Cullen and she said the seminar was a great success and everyone was very happy. My DVDs were used there in London as they are used here. The Health Minister will play the DVD for a short while and then stop the DVD and discuss what was said. It has been a very successful technique keeping everything on track and making sure each person understands exactly what was said. In addition everyone gets a chance to do everything concerning using MMS on the human body.

Sorry we didn't have an earlier announcement concerning the up and coming seminar in France. I got to say it, it was my fault. I just somehow let it slip by me, but there is still time for you to get there. You will have to call about the price they charge because I just missed getting the price. We charge $1000 here for the course and $500 for the practical part but, they can charge what they want. My fault again, for not getting the price. Next time I'll do better. I am really embarrassed. I shouldn't have missed letting you know at least a week ago. But please make it there anyway. It's what we need; people putting on the seminar around the World.

Also, those who finish the Seminar will receive a Minister of Health Certificate ordination, a Church ID card and Membership, a Certificate of Authorization to open a Chapter of the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing, a Certificate of Completion of the Course. All who attend will leave with the knowledge that no other human being in the thousands of years that has come before has known; the ability to heal almost every known disease of mankind.

Let me mention that the Church is not a religious church, but we are spiritual. Any church is a group of people who believe the same thing to worship God or to serve mankind in some way. Our signed Articles of Association placed on the World Wide Web formed the Church. Anyone can belong to the Church who believes in our Mission to Mankind. That is;


  • Do Good Deeds
  • Heal the sick
  • Always do what is right. That's all.


This is the only way to achieve, World Peace.

We now have 159 health ministers in 44 countries, so more courses are going to be held in more countries soon!!!! This is real exciting. Testimonies are coming in from all over the world. We are updating all our websites. My new book, ”Master Mineral of the 3rd Millennium”, will be offered as an EBook within a month.


I am sure you know that this information is beyond any amount of money that anyone could pay for it. It probably will someday save your life and if not yours, then it will save the life of others you know or meet. It can't help but do so over the next few years. And as you know, that you are not only learning this data for yourself, but for mankind. The more people that know it, the less likely that it will ever be lost.

Go to the course in France and telephone me during the course and tell me you are there and ask any question. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

As always with love
Bishop Jim

MMS Technical Bulletin NEWSLETTER


March 20, 2011


Staph and MRSA, which is an antibiotic resistant variety of staph, have been dramatically increasing over the past few years. Genesis II members and MMS users should know about MRSA and how to handle it with MMS. When medical doctors are unsuccessful treating MRSA with antibiotics, they amputate. MMS will kill MRSA. Up to 30% of us have staph in our noses and that can start a staph infection at any time. Over 19,000 people die from Staph infections each year in the U.S. and it is equally bad all over the world. MRSA now kills more people each year than AIDS.

STATISTICS: If you get MRSA, you have somewhere between 11% and 80% chance of dying. Eleven percent is bad enough, but 80% is outrageous. The 80% figure is what happens if MRSA goes untreated. The 11% figure is what happens if you have the weakest strain of staph and you get standard medical treatment. Different kinds of Staph (there are approximately a dozen) have different fatality rates, but all staph can kill and most staff is now MRSA and resistant to antibiotics.

SYMPTOMS: A MRSA infection begins with flu-like symptoms. Symptoms may include high fever, nausea, vomiting, rash on hands and feet, muscle aches, headaches, shaking chills, swelling, severe pain, as well as:


Blood poisoning,

Septic shock (wide spread infection causing organ failure),

Septic Arthritis (severe joint problems),

Osteomyelitis (bone marrow infection),


Pneumonia, and

Endocarditis (infection of the Heart lining).

The most common infections are in the skin such as boils, abscesses (pus under the skin), sties (eye infections), carbuncles, cellulitis (infection in the skin), and impetigo (skin blisters).

CHURCH HEALING: Do not leave any of these symptoms untreated. If you live near a Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, you can be healed for free by our health ministers. Our cleansing water (MMS) used with our sacraments is about 99% effective. Our church heals for free and gives all sick people the healing water for free. You can donate after you are well, if you wish.

MMS SELF-HEALING: If you do not have access to a Genesis II health minister or a Genesis II Church, you can purchase MMS from many different web sites selling MMS for water purification purposes. It is all the same solution and can be used as described below.

Step one to treating any MRSA or staph infection is to start the sick person on MMS Protocol 1000. Protocol 1000 is having the sick person take 3 drops of activated MMS every hour for 8 hours a day. The MMS must always be activated with one drop of 50% citric acid for each drop of MMS. If the sick person becomes sicker from taking the MMS, then give him or her less MMS the next hour. Prevent the sick person from becoming sicker by giving less and less MMS, but give hourly doses even if it is only ½ drop per hour. As soon as the person being treated can take more, give more, but only up to 3 drops per hour. See protocol 1000 at Eliminating MRSA can take from 1 week to two months, but usually only takes a couple of weeks. The most important treatment for MRSA follows.

Step two: Killing the MRSA using chlorine dioxide gas: Chlorine dioxide gas is probably the most effective antimicrobial agent known. It thoroughly destroys the MRSA bacteria on contact. Use a transparent drinking glass and you will be able to watch the gas penetrate the surface of the skin and melt the pus into a watery liquid. The liquid drains out of the hole that is left in the skin. Hold the affected area of skin so that the liquefied pus can run out. The hole heals quickly without a scar on young people, but leaves a scar in older people.
Obtain a clear drinking glass or container with the mouth big enough to fit over the boil or affected area of skin. Fit the glass over the main area and use a smaller glass for smaller boils. Before fitting the glass over the boil or ruptured area (or area that looks like a spider bite) put 6 drops of MMS and 6 drops of 50% citric acid in the glass and agitate it to mix the two liquids. Then immediately place the mouth of the glass over the area. Do not wait. Place it immediately. Maintain the body in a position so that the glass does not have to be upside down. You do not want the liquid to touch the skin. The glass should be turned no more than directly sideways. Observe as the glass fills with yellow chlorine dioxide gas. This gas will slowly penetrate into the skin area with MRSA and turn the pus to a watery solution. If you use a clear glass you can see this happen. It causes no pain. DO NOT KEEP THE GLASS IN PLACE FOR LONGER THAN 5 MINUTES UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. If you hold the glass in place longer than 5 minutes it will begin to burn the skin and will take much longer to heal. Do not burn the skin.

If your first application does not completely destroy the MRSA, you can wait 4 hours and do it again. Do not do it again immediately, as you will burn the skin and cause a worse condition. Doing it again right away does not give the skin time to recover and it is the same as leaving the glass in place a longer time and causes a burn.
Do the same 5 minute process for all areas of the skin that show MRSA evidence. It is best to cover each area with Vaseline and a bandage once treated. The Vaseline prevents any bacteria or other germs from getting to the area to cause more infection. Another option is to spray the treated area with the 10 activated drops MMS per ounce of water solution several times per day.

Other data and safety: The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing treats people free of charge in over 45 different countries of the world. MMS has been used by more than 5 million people. It does not destroy beneficial bacteria and does no damage to the body. It is not considered poisonous by the US Government EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). The US FDA speaks out against chlorine dioxide but authorizes its use on food products before they go to market. Everyone living anywhere in the US has eaten food processed with chlorine dioxide in similar quantities to those used by MMS users to detoxify their bodies and let the bodies heal their diseases.

About MMS: MMS is created from the chemical sodium chlorite. It generates chlorine dioxide when citric acid (a food acid) is mixed with it. In the body, the outer membrane (skin) of pathogens is more than 1000 time less thick than body organ walls such as the walls of the intestines. This thin outer membrane of the pathogens which is actually less than 1/10,000 of an inch thick is easily destroyed by the weak solution of chlorine dioxide, which of course is MMS. This weak solution has no effect on the walls of the various organs of the body which are all thousands of times thicker than the pathogens’ skin. For more complete details of this and all the data in this paper see my new book to be released next week at ,“Master Mineral Solution of the 3rd Millennium”.

This white paper is a Technical Bulletin Written by Bishop Jim Humble and provided to the public as a service of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. Please save this paper in a safe place, as it provides the latest updates in MMS technology. It saves lives.

As Always With Love,
Bishop Jim Humble

Jim Humble’s


Autism update

We have some more wonderful news about MMS & Autism!

Here is a letter I received from Kerri working with children with autism. I thought you’d like to read it.

“Well, the past 3 months I have been a busy girl. We visited my good friend Jim Humble the middle of February which was a dream come true. At that time I had about 130+ kids on MMS. Afterwards, we had a conference in Puerto Rico on the biomedical approaches used in recovering children from autism. Directly from Puerto Rico I went to Venezuela where everybody was very excited about MMS and the possibilities of recovering from autism with only pennies a day. While in Venezuela I was able to teach 4 doctors the protocols that I use in my clinic, and share my presentation on the use of MMS for Autism Spectrum Disorders at a conference which 750 people attended. It was a very exciting time to say the least! In the days after the conference I was able to consult 176 families on individual biomedical protocols for their children, including MMS.


Since the conference, there has been much more interest in MMS in Latin America. In particular, I have many families who I help in Spain. I guess word got out, and one of the 2 doctors treating autism in Spain contacted me and asked me to share my protocol with her. The good news is that she is going to use it. Her idea is to apply it as an antifungal for Candida. However, MMS knows no boundaries and will kill all other pathogens at the same time. So, quite frankly, it is of little consequence what she believes she is doing with it, she will be doing far more than she even knows. Combining MMS with diet and hopefully only a few supplements, this doctor should be able to recover some of her kids. Financially speaking, when doctors like her start seeing results they will in turn get more patients and more patients mean more money. So, results coupled with money are a win win situation, and in turn humanity wins as we all grow healthier.

I hope to do a free conference in Spain before year’s end about the biomedical approach to recovering children with autism and autism spectrum disorders. I know that another doctor is using MMS in Italy. Maybe Europe will lead the way to getting MMS into the mainstream biomedical treatments and then the USA will follow. The doctors treating children in the USA with autism are under close watch by the FDA. Anything too "alternative" could cost someone their license. And these people have their own families to feed. So, they have to walk a very fine line. It is sad to see. Because what these special doctors want for their patients with autism whom they are trying to heal is the fastest recovery possible. And if it could be fast and inexpensive these doctors would be happy as well. Unfortunately they have such strict guidelines that it makes doing what they do difficult. Hopefully we could do a double blind study using MMS and autism. I think it would be easy to measure the difference.

On a practical note, many of the parents who have their children on MMS take MMS themselves, frequently out of a necessity to heal some immune issues. They will ask me "Can I take MMS too? I have X". I always refer to a protocol from Jim's course, and without fail within the first week I receive an email with some kind of miraculous story as to how "my fibromyalgia went away" "my husband's sense of smell came back" "my shingles went away" "my Mother's diabetes is under control". These and more stories have come from the families of a child with autism. It goes without saying that the affected child is doing much better and having all sorts of firsts of his/her own.

At minimum there are 400+ children on the Autism Spectrum improving steadily, thanks to the help of MMS. These are in addition to all of the other children that these doctors are seeing and treating with MMS. The total including family members could be easily above 1000. The future is bright now that many more healers/doctors have the information on MMS and the knowledge of how to use it. I believe that people like these who see many, many children are an important link that will bridge the gap between "alternative" medicine and "allopathic" medicine, finally bringing MMS to the mainstream. I hope that we have in our hands the missing piece of the autism puzzle, because it sure seems to look that way. Two more children in March lost their diagnosis from autism, which makes a total of 5 children to lose their diagnosis since I began recommending MMS in August of 2010. Not all have recovered. But all are better than they were, and that is a great place to start.

As for now, I receive over 100 emails a day from people using my protocol for MMS. Sometimes we increase the dose, decrease or stay the same. We do protocols that other families and I have developed that add enemas and other elements of timing for the oral administration. The newest protocol that is getting lots of attention is the 72/2. It is a dose of MMS every 2 hours for 72 hours without resting in the night time. So, one parent wakes up every two hours and administers a dose of MMS. We have seen remarkable improvements with the 72/2. Another new protocol is the 12/2. It is taking MMS for 12 days straight then resting 2 days. This way the pathogens living in the gut will expose themselves during the two day rest, and then we hit them with another 12 days of MMS. Using this method we gradually extinguish all pathogens until none remain. When we heal the gut we cure the autism. The MMS enemas have also led to marked improvements for children on the spectrum. The families doing enemas are seeing more language and in general having less conduct issues and a lessening of stereotypical behaviors. When trying these new protocols or any MMS protocols it is a good thing to work in a team situation. Someone like myself, for example or another person who has used MMS knows when and how to avoid Herxheimer's (die-off) reactions and what they look like. Many times the road to recovery is paved with discomfort, but in the end, it will have all been worth it. Autism means that your child has virus, bacteria, Candida, inflammation, heavy metals and food allergies. Allopathically speaking, you would have to take a drug store to kill all these pathogens, but will MMS, all you need is a little drop of what my husband calls "holy water" and recovery is on its way.

I think to myself that MMS and autism recovery are in their infancy together and wonder where we will be in 25 years. Will we finally, openly acknowledge what is causing the autism epidemic and stop it? Will we all use MMS to cure it? Will we all be hiding our rations of MMS from the authorities who say that we cannot use MMS? The last thought gives me the chills, a harmless oxidizer, yet at the same time potent enough to cure autism? It's possible to think that it might be held out of a mother's reach when she needs to heal her child from this devastation. Let's try not to let this happen, and get everyone we know on MMS. Healing humanity begins with me and begins with you. We can do it. But we need to do it together”.


Best wishes,

Kerri Rivera

My website is in Spanish.
My email is
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As always with love,

Bishop Jim Humble

Jim Humble’s

new book is out!

Follow the amazing journey of MMS, “Master Mineral Solution”, formerly known as “Miracle Mineral Supplement”. This new book of Jim’s is the continuing story of MMS changing the World. The Master Mineral solution of the 3rd Millennium picks up where Jim’s first book ended, until the present.

Recently, Jim has returned from Africa where he successfully treated more than 800 HIV/AIDS cases. Last year he conducted 9 lectures in Europe, a 5-day seminar in Germany and five 10-day seminars in the Dominican Republic, all teaching the MMS protocols for healing most of mankind’s diseases. The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing now uses the MMS solution as its Cleansing Water in the Church Sacraments. This new MMS book can save your life or that of a loved one and will most likely do so sometime within the next 5 years.

This book has 268 pages and 30 chapters. Jim has updated all the MMS topics that were in the first book. Here are some of the topics covered in this new book:

· Safety precautions;

· What MMS is;

· Many new protocols for using MMS correctly;

· Protocols for many diseases;

· How to tell if MMS is working;

· MMS2; MMS3;

· Healing animals with MMS;

· Making MMS in your kitchen;

· A chemical explanation for laymen and scientists;

· Oxidizers and how oxidation destroys pathogens;

· MMS, ARVs, and vaccines;

· Methods of using MMS other than oral;

· The Mexican story, South African story, and Malawi story;

· The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing and our 180 Ministers of Health in 47 countries;

· MMS and drugs;

· And buying, using and teaching others to use MMS.


Note: If you know the information in this book, you can treat more diseases successfully than any medical doctor, and more importantly you can save lives, perhaps your own!

Go to: to purchase the ebook, “Master Mineral Solution of the 3rd Millennium”. Tell your family and friends! This book contains a lot of VERY important information that the world needs. Please, help us get this EBook to as many people as possible!!!

Note: The hard back copy of Jim’s new book will be available in a few months.

“I’m really excited above the information in this book getting into the WHOLE world! There are so many important findings, testimonies, new protocols etc. The MMS movement is growing daily worldwide. We now have 180 Health Ministers in 46 countries worldwide teaching others to teach others!” Now you’re talking!


As always with love,

Jim Humble

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LEAKED: Proof Red Cross cured 154 Malaria cases with MMS: This video got leaked 1st of July 2013 and makes it impossible for the Red Cross to keep claiming that their Sodium chlorite 22.4% (MMS) study never took place, as was their response to the 2nd of may video.

Red Cross cures 154 Malaria cases in Uganda with MMS:
This video was released 2nd of May 2013.

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Jim Humble and Tiger

This breakthrough can save your life, or the life of a loved one. In 1996, while on a gold mining expedition in South America, I discovered that chlorine dioxide quickly cured malaria. Since that time, it has proven to restore partial or full health to hundreds of thousands of people suffering from a wide range of disease, including cancer, diabetes, hepatitis A, B, C, Lyme disease, MRSA, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, HIV/AIDS, malaria, autism, infections of all kinds, arthritis, high cholesterol, acid reflux, kidney or liver diseases, aches and pains, allergies, urinary tract infections, digestive problems, high blood pressure, obesity, parasites, tumors and cysts, depression, sinus problems, eye disease, ear infections, dengue fever, skin problems, dental issues, problems with prostate (high PSA), erectile dysfunction and the list goes on. This is by far not a comprehensive list. I know it sounds too good to be true, but according to feedback I have received over the last 18 years, I think it’s safe to say MMS is able to overcome most diseases known to mankind.

Jim Humble's Books


mms health recovery guidebook w99

Go back up MMS Health Recovery Guidebook (2016)

Introducing the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook, including my new Health Recovery Plan (HRP), available for download. Discover the latest up-to-date information on my MMS technology, significant completely new data, and improvements that myself and others have determined through on-going use of MMS around the globe.

Over 50 updated tried and proven protocols are outlined, including some key tips and secrets for all those who wish to recover their health from most illness and disease and/or learn about prevention and longevity!

The health recovery procedures given in this book are the result of 20 years of teaching people how to use MMS. Scores of people worldwide have used and applied the principles outlined in my first books, or taught in seminars. As a result, over the years I have received a great deal of feedback, much of which has contributed to this book and to the development of my new Health Recovery Plan.

Unfortunately there is much misinformation floating around regarding MMS, and this too, has compelled me to write this book. I have written this guidebook to help you learn the fundamentals of the Master Mineral Solution (MMS) in a clear and concise manner. This book is chock full of a number of protocols that when followed properly, help restore people’s health. Our Key Protocols go together with a number of Supporting Protocols to make up the Health Recovery Plan. In this book you’ll learn about the overall sequence or strategy for this plan.

If you have a serious health issue of one kind or another from which you need to recover—this book is for you. Likewise, if your health seems to be “OK” but you would like to nevertheless achieve optimum health, this book is also for you. Whatever category you fit in—a basic ongoing routine with MMS can help you (and/or your loved ones and pets/animals) get healthy, keep you healthy, and help you maintain a good quality of life! The key is to use MMS properly—this book will show you how.


Download Full Ebook for Only $22.50

Go back up The Master Mineral Solution of the 3rd Millennium (2011)

This is my second book on MMS. It includes more past history about the continuing story of MMS. You’ll learn about the basics of MMS, including the chemistry of it and how and why it works. Also included are instructions for several ways how you can make your own MMS.

The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millennium is essential to those who want to learn the chemical and technical foundation of how MMS works. A chemical explanation for laymen and scientists alike is included. Learn about oxidizers, and how oxidation destroys pathogens. This is a must have reference book for those who want to delve deeper into understanding how MMS works. This book includes some of the basic original MMS protocols, however, if you are in need of health recovery today, I suggest you order my latest book, the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook for the updated protocols and information on overcoming most diseases of mankind.

If you are interested in the story of MMS there are three chapters in this book telling the continuing story of MMS in this world. Should you want the full story you will need to also buy my first book, The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century. It is estimated that 20,000,000 people had used MMS by the year 2008. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been saved and the suffering of thousands has been overcome.


Download Full Ebook for Only $19.99

Go back up Secrets of Enlightenment (2012)

This book gives simple answers to most of the questions people ask, such as: Where did I come from? Why am I here? Why don’t I remember my existence before this life? What is my purpose in life? Etc.

This book has been 60 years in the writing and compilation (this lifetime). It is unique and quite different than most books about enlightenment.  I believe that you learn about spirituality and life by living life and taking part in the game of life, not by being tucked away in a cloistered setting. You may not believe in past lives, but in case you do, I believe I have received much of the information about life given in this book from past lives. This book gives simple answers to most of the questions people ask, such as: Where did I come from? Why am I here? Why don’t I remember my existence before this life? What is my purpose in life? Etc.

Secrets of Enlightenment points out that life is a game and that you should play it to the hilt. In these pages you’ll discover secrets, or what I call an understanding of life, that is not found in any other book on Earth and if that is not so, I will be happy to refund your money at any time.


Download Full Ebook for Only $18.99