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New Health Restoration Center

Bishop Mark Grenon and Our newest Bishop Jose Luis Rosado:
jose and mark

We are excited to announce our newest Genesis II Church Church / Health Restoration Center in Colombia, South America.

Bishop Jose Luis Rosado is our newest Bishop and the Co-founder of the Guatapuri Church of Valledupar, Colombia. "Guatapuri" means "Pure water" which is quite appropriate seeing we purify water also.

Bishop Rosado has been using MMS for the past two years in the Sierra Nevada region of Colombia among the indigenous people, the Arhuacos, in which he is a member. We have many testimonies coming monthly from this area of Colombia. Jose is also working with another Health Minister - Alvaro Torres, who is also an Arhuaco.

We were first informed of these people from another one of our Health Ministers, Asaea. Thank you Asaea for your concern for these people! We also want to thank Shelley, Tim & Edith and Lina for their donations that helped make this all possible.

And, obviously Archbishop James Humble for his discovery of MMS. Archbishop Jim has helped fund all of our projects from the sales of his literature and videos. Without these people helping we wouldn't have seen this project come to fruition. The establishment of the Church is the first step towards reaching out to all of the indigenous of the Sierra Nevada region.

We are now in the planning stages of setting up a 5 day trip to one section of this region. We have seen many restored to health already. One disease we are dealing with is called "Chagas", also called American trypanosomiasis. This disease affects some 11 million people in Latin America. We now have blood samples of 2 people confirmed as being "Chagas free".

The insects that cause "Chagas":
chagas bug

More are coming as we treat others throughout this region. Here are some photos of the Guatapuri Church / Health Restoration Center.

Front of the Guatapuri Church:
new church

Church Sign,
a member of Genesis II Church of Health and Healing International:
church sign

Guatapuri Church Health Office:
church health office

Inside Health Office - Bishop Jose's Bishop Certificate
Church authorization - Church Public Announcement
( which is also printed in the local newspaper) -
and The Genesis II Church Creed:
inside health office

church certificates

Rev. Joseph Grenon, Rev. Jonathan Grenon
and Bishop Mark Grenon as Church Health Advisors:
the revs1

Supplies to make MMS/CDS:
health supplies1

Clay, Moringa supplies:
health supplies2

More supplies:
health supplies4

Health supplies, MMS/CDS, DMSO, spray bottles and test strips:
health supplies

Health Advisors:
health advisors

Mountain Supply kit:
mountain supply kit

Rev. Joe, Rev. Jonathan and Bishop Mark:
the revs

See what happens when people work together. There are only a few people that helped and look what we've seen accomplished! Could you imagine what could happen if more people got involved? We have a lot do do here. There are many living in the Sierra Nevada that are in need of having their health restored as well as all of Colombia. We now have 4 Bishops in Colombia and 3 more Church/Health Restoration Centers are being planned. Will you help?

Guatapuri Church is open to the world!

We are opening this facility to anyone from anywhere that will come to have their health restored. We are offering to restore anyone's health from anywhere in the world. The only prerequisites to be treated are:

1. Agree to complete an affidavit of the experience to be published publicly.
2. Agree to a video testimony to be published as well.
3. Agree to follow the protocols as well as a specific diet that includes meat.

Note: Vegetarians need to know this. We believe it is essential to eat beef in order to restore health. After the health protocols are finished, each person can decide to continue eating beef or not.

4. Agree to give a donation as soon as health is being restored, so we in turn can help others receive the same benefit. If anyone is interested in coming to Colombia for health restoration, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note: We do not provide food and lodging, but there are many hotels in the area to fit any budget.

Of course, others may donate to help keep this program ongoing. Donations can be made through our Paypal account, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We want to see this replicated throughout Colombia, Latin America and around the world!

We are beginning a documentary of the work in the Sierra Nevada. Here is an excerpt from Rev. Jonathan and Rev. Joe's trip this past week. We will continue this documentary to convince the world that it is possible to control your own health and teach others to do the same. That is one of the goals of the Genesis II Church.


Can´t see the video above? Check it out on YouTube: Genesis II Church mission work: Healing Chagas in Colombia

One of the ways we are trying to fund these projects is the Genesis II Church Organic Moringa farms we have in the Dominican republic and Colombia. We are planting 50,000 more trees in these locations this year.

jim moringa

Also, we have many requests about Moringa Oleifera mentioned in our Newsletter: "Genesis II Church mission work: Healing Chagas in Colombia ".

Here is more information about Moringa:

For more information about how to purchase Moringa, please write us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Peru Seminar postponed

Note: We had to postpone our upcoming seminar in Peru, even though we've paid our deposit on the location. We had some response but not enough to cover our expenses at this time. We will reschedule when we have enough interest. It is too bad because we might not be able to do it for months because of other seminars being planned in other countries.

See upcoming Latin America seminars

Bishop Mark S. Grenon

First Bishop - Genesis II Church

Dear {subtag:name},

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Update on MMS´s fight for freedom
-May 7th 2012-

MMS Targeted (US Observer)


Just over three weeks ago I sent out an urgent plea to donate to the MMS Defense fund. This fund has been set up to fight the FDA and their attempts to make criminals out of people involved with MMS.

To date, the fund has received over $40,000 in donations. While this amount still isn't nearly enough, it clearly shows that people around the world are coming together to fund this “historic” fight against the Food and Drug Administration, Monsanto and Big Pharmaceutical. This is a fight intended to insure our personal health freedom once and for all!

The fund needs close to $2 million to turn this fight into an all-out war against the FDA and what they are attempting to do to our health choices and MMS.

Again, we don't have months to play around with this, it has to be now.

Of the 175,000 people I sent the alert out to, 200 donated to begin with. We sent out our second alert and an additional 800 people donated. We will succeed in this fight people! First, thank you to all who have stepped forward. Now, the rest of you, if you would give just $10.00 each, we would hit our mark and the FDA will tremble. Anyone who can donate more please do so now.

This mission is working and because of our supporters world-wide, we will witness a huge success. Don't let your inaction allow the FDA to take away our personal health freedoms or MMS.




Donations may also be sent to:

MMS Defense Fund
c/o US~Observer
233 Rogue River HWY PMB #387
Grants Pass, OR 97527

Help MMS fight for freedom
or lose it forever; your choice

Over a week ago I sent out an urgent plea to donate to the MMS Defense fund. This fund has been set up to fight the FDA and their attempts to make criminals out of people involved with MMS.

To date, the fund has received roughly $10,000.00 in donations. It isn't nearly enough.

The fund needs close to $2 million to turn this fight into an all-out war against the FDA and what they are attempting to do to our health choices and MMS.

We don't have months to play around with this,
it has to be now

Of the 175,000 people I sent the alert out to, 200 donated. First, thank you. Now, the rest of you, if you would give just $10.00 each, we would hit our mark and the FDA would tremble.

If we don't succeed in achieving this goal, all could be lost. In the end, "we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."

Don't let your inaction allow the FDA to take away our personal health freedoms or MMS. Take a stand and give today. Tomorrow may be too late.


Donations may also be sent to:

MMS Defense Fund
c/o US~Observer
233 Rogue River HWY PMB #387
Grants Pass, OR 97527

The US~Observer has taken on this fight and published an initial article. You can read it here.

If you haven't already, please read the urgent plea I previously sent out. You can read it here.

Jim Humble Newsletter

About two months ago, I traveled to the Czech Republic to talk with several groups of people about MMS.  While there I was told, “We have a very important meeting for you.  The most important movie maker in Czech wants to make a documentary of MMS and he would like to start with an interview of you.” 

Of course I would like to see a documentary of MMS made in Czech or in any country for that matter.  So I showed up for the interview.

At the interview there were several important looking cameras and a number of lights and I was fitted with a microphone.  A number of people were standing around and some were still working on the lighting. 

Then the most important movie maker asked me a number of interesting questions.  They weren't so much questions about MMS and how it came to be; they were more about our Church and myself.  There were a number of questions concerning spiritual things which to me was a pleasant surprise.

I had heard that the movie maker believed that we are on Earth to learn love, and I didn't want to say anything that would be contrary to that belief, so I was hoping  he would ask questions that would not lead in that direction. 

He wanted to find out why we have over 400 ministers and why people were willing to become ministers in our church.  He was evidently thinking that we are somehow converting people and he was wondering what we are doing to convert them.  

I tried to tell him, and the camera, we are not doing anything to convert them.  We are not a religion, just a church formed to serve mankind.

Our church firmly believes that the vast majority of mankind are men and women of good will and that they do not need to be converted.  They are already good people.  Ninety nine percent of them believe in doing what is right if you question them carefully.

Of course there are greedy people and evil people at this time.  There are rich people with billions of dollars in the bank who got that money in the face of the fact that millions of people are starving and that 3 thousand children die every day because they do not have clean water to drink. 

Anyone of the 15 richest families in the world could give every man, woman, and child on earth each one million dollars and not even miss the money. The fact is, those families stole that money from those who are starving, that's why they are starving.   

7 million people died last year of cancer while being treated with a 100 year old treatment that never worked, and never will work, and the rich families also banked the money that those who died paid for that useless treatment.

In spite of the fact that there are a few greedy and evil people, most of mankind is not that way.  We do not have to convert them to anything.  The first and most basic tenant of our church is extremely simple, “Always do what's right.” 

When people learn what our church is doing many see it is an opportunity to help mankind. It is not a matter of conversion, it is something they already believe in.    And so those who wish to join our church movement to overcome the sicknesses of mankind and bring health to the world look at us as an opportunity to do that. 

We haven't converted anyone, our members already believe in doing what's right, but joining the church does help a person remain conscious of their decision, “I am always going to do what is right.”  That decision brings peace to many people who have wondered what can bring peace.  It is a decision that can change your life, but I do not consider it to be a conversion. 

It is simply a decision of peace.  You don't need to be converted, you only need to decide to do what you know is right.  It is a decision to do what you already know.

What is going to save mankind from the brutality of man?  Very simple, the men and women of good will are going to save mankind.  Our Church, the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing is an organization where men and women of good will can work together to bring health and salvation from the brutality. 

We are doing that now by bringing health to those who are sick in 72 countries of the world.  The cost is well within the means of almost anyone and we do it for free when it is not within their means.

Those who join us can belong to any religion or even a cult if they wish. We do not dictate the beliefs of our members and we have members from most religions.  Our members are on a non religious path to save mankind. 

We are bound together as a group with good will towards mankind and a knowledge that doing what is right will be, in the final analysis, the only think that saves mankind.

Sorry but religions with their various messages have been around for tens of thousands of years, in fact hundreds of thousands years, but they have not saved us.  More people were murdered and tortured during the 20th century than all the centuries before. For those who say,  “Well, there are a lot more people now and science and technology are making the world a better place,” that isn't even close. 

The treatment for cancer has not changed significantly in the last 100 years, while cancer has increased in leaps and bounds.  In the year 1900 there were less than 100 cancer deaths worldwide.  Last year 7 million cancer patients died while under the treatment of a medical doctor. 

All the incurable diseases have increased beyond belief and millions are vaccinated while all the diseases increase.  In the face of the facts that more and more people are getting sick, millions of vaccines are doled out to everyone. 

At this point in time more than 6 billion dollars of private property is confiscated each year by the US government without a reason other than the government wants more money.  The banks of the world steal our money and finance both sides of all the wars now in progress. 

At this time any person in the USA can be arrested, and held in prison for an unlimited amount of time or never released.  If one would call this getting better, I would certainly hate to see a world getting worse.

I have talked to those people who would rather walk around with their eyes closed than see what is happening to man.  They won't look at any of the facts, but would rather talk about research and reports. 

These people are so far out of reality the fact that the millions are being murdered doesn't seem to bother them.  The vaccine theory of improving the immune system is such a wonderful idea no one cares that not a single clinical trial has ever been conducted to prove the idea. 

There has never been a thousand people who were vaccinated and a thousand people who were vaccinated with a placebo to show the results.  Nothing but just the beautiful theory of creating antibodies because a weak disease was vaccinated into the body.

Down through the ages all religions have brought a message to mankind that sometime soon, always soon, something will happen to save mankind.  The message was always that Jesus would return, or that some highly developed spiritual being would arrive to teach us salvation. 

Others talked about earth moving into a new area of space that would make us all more spiritual.  The message almost always contained the concept that if we know and use love, love will save us, or other spiritual knowledge about love will save us. 

Please understand this concept, this basic idea has always been that someone else, or something else other than ourselves will save us.   

Now the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing is for the first time bringing a new message to mankind.  The message is, “Mankind is going to save mankind.”  The message is, that more than 98% of mankind are men and women of good will and that we can save ourselves. 

The message is, if we do not save us, no one else is going to do it.  We, the people of good will have the power.  All we have to do is realize that we do have the power. 

The BRUTALITY of mankind has always been forced on us by an extreme few and when not forced on us they simply set it so we had no other choice.  An example is public schools and all the various subjects now being taught. 

Now at the beginning of the third millennium with the ability of the men and women of good will to communicate on the internet, something that has never been before, it is time that we saved ourselves from the BRUTALITY of the evil few.

Along with this message comes a WARNING that I feel should be mentioned.  The internet and other factors are part of our chance to overcome the BRUTALITY.  The evil ones are even now working to change this. 

They have already tried to slam this window in our face.  This is a brief window in history that we can use to help change the BRUTALITY.  If somehow we miss this window of opportunity it will most likely be gone forever.  We must not fail.  

So the chances are 99.99% that you are one of the 98% of mankind that is a person of good will.  We can't save you, nor can we convert you.  Either you already believe in always doing what's right or you don't.  The fact is, all you have to do is to decide to do that very thing, to always do what you know is right.  You already believe it. 

It's already a part of your subconscious understanding of life.  With that decision comes a peace that no one else can ever give to you.  It is a peace that you give to yourself.  And I am sure you know that any peace you have will always come from you.  It's an easy decision and you don't need us, or our church, but we need you.

Mankind needs you.  Join our church with this decision and learn MMS.   In a month or two, depending upon when you take training seminar, you can be bringing health to mankind, even to those who have what are considered to be incurable diseases.

With your help and the help of those like you, our church and other organizations now starting up will bring health to a sick world and that will be the first giant step towards overcoming the BRUTALITY of mankind.  The fact is the world is sick now only because of the BRUTALITY of man. 

The world needs a few million people out there doing what our Ministers are now doing and that is bringing health to those who are sick with various diseases.  We don't care what disease you or those you know might have, we bring health with our sacraments and sacrament protocols. 

The fact is, and you might have missed this,  90% of mankind has some malady that they suffer from, and it is also a fact that these various maladies are not normally curable.  At this time we can and do bring health to more people world wide than any other group.  But of course, others are trying, not many but a few.  The religions are mostly concerned with saving souls, but they help some.

Now is the time.  Come to our next seminar in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, July 1-7th, 2012.   Who knows, your decision to come may just be that one decision that makes the difference and throws the fight in our favor. 

It may bring you more peace than anything else you have done up to this point.   The fact is, the decision to always do what is right, can and will bring you and us and people like us peace.  So let me be the first to testify. 

My decision to always do what is right brought me much peace even years after I embarked on the job of bringing MMS to the world.

With love,
Archbishop Jim Humble



33 Added Health Ministers This Month!
 - 05-22-2012 -

We finished two more MMS Seminars in 2 locations - Buenos Aires, Argentina and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Both locations were the first time to see seminars in their prospective countries. Forty attended the seminar in Mexico and 15 in Argentina.

In Buenos Aires, we held our seminar in an 150 year old monastery, which had a small castle. We always seem to have some “returning” Health ministers which come to be “updated” on new protocols and techniques which we allow to come for just room and board.

It is very important to stay updated with the latest information to be more effective in “restoring health”.

It is very important to make sure each and every person understands and practices the different protocols. We will be more effective and see more people “regain health” while becoming proficient in the various techniques and protocols. 

In fact, each seminar student personally produces,  then applies or takes the protocols they will be administering to others in the future.

Every health minister needs to experience this to be able to understand the basics of the protocols and  to have a working knowledge so they will be able to adjust the amount and frequency according to the reaction of the individual taking the protocols. Here are some photos of the seminar in Argentina.

Gassing the mouth:
01-gassing the

Preparing MMS/CDS for administrating protocols:02-preparing mms cds for administrating

Eye protocol with MMS/CDS:03-eye protocol with mms

Brushing teeth protocol:04-brushing teeth

Making MMS / CDS with the blowing method:05-blowing mms

Making spanish protocol video:06-making spanish

Making MMS:07-making

Making MMS/CDS:08-making mms

Argentina seminar graduates:09-argentina

Injecting the new CDI (CDS injectable):11-injecting

Testimonial from Reverend Jorge, pictured in the photo above:

"Hello Jon

First, I'd like to express my gratitude for all that I learned in the
seminar in Buenos Aires. I have to tell you how incredible my energy
level is now since I received an injection of MMS/CDS in my body. I have
no feeling of pain or any other ailment. I have a lot of and I can
maintain concentration much better than before. My eye sight has
improved, now that I can see with better contrast than before. The truth
is, it is like taking off a vail.  I am now doing Protocol 1000 and
everything else we learned, and people near me are becoming interested.
I'll let you know. I also want to experiment with animals.

MMS changed my way of thinking.

Reverendo Jorge"

Argentina seminar location:10-argentina seminar

We now have 406 Health Ministers in 80 countries!! Rev. Luis Garcia of Argentina is our newest Bishop!

We are planning other seminars in Latin America, Peru,Chile and Uruguay in the next months ahead as well as planning seminars in Brazil and Bulgaria.

Don't forget the English seminars in Puerto Vallarta July 1st-7th.

Things are changing rapidly with MMS and the Genesis II Church as well as in the world as a whole for the good of all!!

Let's change the world together!!

Bishop Mark S. Grenon




33 Nuevos Ministros De Salud De La Iglesia
En Este Mes DE Mayo 2012!
- 05-22-2012 -

En este mes hemos finalizado dos cursos de entrenamiento en: Buenos Aires ( Argentina ) y Puerto Vallarta ( México ). Estos han sido los primeros seminarios en estos  países.

Cuarenta participantes en México y 15 en Argentina. En Bs As, desarrollamos nuestro curso en un hermoso monasterio de 150 años de antigüedad que tenía un  pequeño castillo.

Hemos visto que siempre vienen  algunos  antiguos ministros por las actualizaciones de los protocolos y técnicas del  MMS. Es muy importante mantenerse actualizado con la información más reciente para ser más eficaces en la "restauración de la salud".

Es muy importante asegurarse que cada persona entiende y practica adecuadamente los diferentes protocolos. Así seremos más eficaces y veremos a más gente "recuperar su salud", mientras que los ministros se vuelven  más competentes en las diversas técnicas y protocolos.

De hecho, cada estudiante del  seminario produce MMS personalmente y a continuación aprende a aplicar  los protocolos que se administraran a los enfermos en el futuro.

Cada ministro de salud tiene que experimentar esto por si mismos para poder comprender los conceptos básicos de los protocolos y tener un conocimiento de lo que será  el uso práctico del MMS, ellos deberán ser capaces de ajustar/administrar la cantidad y la frecuencia de uso, de acuerdo a la reacción del individuo que toma los protocolos.

Aquí están algunas fotos del seminario en Argentina:

Desgasificación la boca:
01-gassing the

Preparar MMS/CDS para protocolos:02-preparing mms cds for administrating

Ojo con Protocolo MMS/CDS:03-eye protocol with mms

Cepillarse los dientes protocolo:04-brushing teeth

Como Preparar MMS/CDS con la voladura método:05-blowing mms

La grabación vídeo Protocolo Español:06-making spanish

Como Preparar MMS:07-making

Como Preparar MMS/SDC:08-making mms

Inyección de la nueva CDI, (SDC Inyectable):11-injecting

"Hola Jon,

antes que nada expresarles mi agradecimiento por todo lo
aprendido en el seminario en Buenos Aires.
Tengo que decirte que es increible mi nivel de energia en los dias
posteriores a haber inyectado MMS en mi cuerpo, no tengo ninguna
sensacion de dolor o molestia de nada, mucho animo y puedo mantener
concentracion mucho mas que antes, ha mejorado mi vista , ya que veo
todo con mucho mas contraste que antes. De verdad es como quitarte el velo.

Estoy ahora con protocolo 1000  y todo lo que aprendimos, e interesando
con otras personas de mi entorno de las que ya les hare saber.
Tambien quiero experimentar  con animales.


Rev. Jorge"

Argentina graduates:09-argentina

Argentina seminar location:10-argentina seminar

Ahora SOMOS 406 Ministros de Salud en 80 países! El Rev. Luis García de la Argentina es nuestro más reciente Obispo!

Estamos planificando otros seminarios en América Latina: Perú, Chile y Uruguay en los próximos meses, así como otros seminarios  en Brasil y Bulgaria.

No se olvide del próximo seminario en inglés en Puerto Vallarta  del  1 a 7 julio 2012 !

Por favor, sea diligente y obtenga estas declaraciones juradas de sus enfermos... nos ayudará a todos.

Ahora tenemos más alternativas para aprender los protocolos del MMS en su hogar:

Las cosas están cambiando rápidamente con el  MMS y la iglesia  Génesis II  como también en el mundo entero como un TODO.... y para el bien de todos!!

Cambiemos el mundo juntos!!
Obispo Mark

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Red Cross cures 154 Malaria cases in Uganda with MMS:
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Read about the Red Cross MMS Malaria scandal on the MMS Wiki:

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This breakthrough can save your life, or the life of a loved one. In 1996, while on a gold mining expedition in South America, I discovered that chlorine dioxide quickly cured malaria. Since that time, it has proven to restore partial or full health to hundreds of thousands of people suffering from a wide range of disease, including cancer, diabetes, hepatitis A, B, C, Lyme disease, MRSA, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, HIV/AIDS, malaria, autism, infections of all kinds, arthritis, high cholesterol, acid reflux, kidney or liver diseases, aches and pains, allergies, urinary tract infections, digestive problems, high blood pressure, obesity, parasites, tumors and cysts, depression, sinus problems, eye disease, ear infections, dengue fever, skin problems, dental issues, problems with prostate (high PSA), erectile dysfunction and the list goes on. This is by far not a comprehensive list. I know it sounds too good to be true, but according to feedback I have received over the last 18 years, I think it’s safe to say MMS is able to overcome most diseases known to mankind.

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mms health recovery guidebook w99

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Introducing the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook, including my new Health Recovery Plan (HRP), available for download. Discover the latest up-to-date information on my MMS technology, significant completely new data, and improvements that myself and others have determined through on-going use of MMS around the globe.

Over 50 updated tried and proven protocols are outlined, including some key tips and secrets for all those who wish to recover their health from most illness and disease and/or learn about prevention and longevity!

The health recovery procedures given in this book are the result of 20 years of teaching people how to use MMS. Scores of people worldwide have used and applied the principles outlined in my first books, or taught in seminars. As a result, over the years I have received a great deal of feedback, much of which has contributed to this book and to the development of my new Health Recovery Plan.

Unfortunately there is much misinformation floating around regarding MMS, and this too, has compelled me to write this book. I have written this guidebook to help you learn the fundamentals of the Master Mineral Solution (MMS) in a clear and concise manner. This book is chock full of a number of protocols that when followed properly, help restore people’s health. Our Key Protocols go together with a number of Supporting Protocols to make up the Health Recovery Plan. In this book you’ll learn about the overall sequence or strategy for this plan.

If you have a serious health issue of one kind or another from which you need to recover—this book is for you. Likewise, if your health seems to be “OK” but you would like to nevertheless achieve optimum health, this book is also for you. Whatever category you fit in—a basic ongoing routine with MMS can help you (and/or your loved ones and pets/animals) get healthy, keep you healthy, and help you maintain a good quality of life! The key is to use MMS properly—this book will show you how.


Download Full Ebook for Only $22.50

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This is my second book on MMS. It includes more past history about the continuing story of MMS. You’ll learn about the basics of MMS, including the chemistry of it and how and why it works. Also included are instructions for several ways how you can make your own MMS.

The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millennium is essential to those who want to learn the chemical and technical foundation of how MMS works. A chemical explanation for laymen and scientists alike is included. Learn about oxidizers, and how oxidation destroys pathogens. This is a must have reference book for those who want to delve deeper into understanding how MMS works. This book includes some of the basic original MMS protocols, however, if you are in need of health recovery today, I suggest you order my latest book, the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook for the updated protocols and information on overcoming most diseases of mankind.

If you are interested in the story of MMS there are three chapters in this book telling the continuing story of MMS in this world. Should you want the full story you will need to also buy my first book, The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century. It is estimated that 20,000,000 people had used MMS by the year 2008. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been saved and the suffering of thousands has been overcome.


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This book gives simple answers to most of the questions people ask, such as: Where did I come from? Why am I here? Why don’t I remember my existence before this life? What is my purpose in life? Etc.

This book has been 60 years in the writing and compilation (this lifetime). It is unique and quite different than most books about enlightenment.  I believe that you learn about spirituality and life by living life and taking part in the game of life, not by being tucked away in a cloistered setting. You may not believe in past lives, but in case you do, I believe I have received much of the information about life given in this book from past lives. This book gives simple answers to most of the questions people ask, such as: Where did I come from? Why am I here? Why don’t I remember my existence before this life? What is my purpose in life? Etc.

Secrets of Enlightenment points out that life is a game and that you should play it to the hilt. In these pages you’ll discover secrets, or what I call an understanding of life, that is not found in any other book on Earth and if that is not so, I will be happy to refund your money at any time.


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