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G2Voice Broadcast #55: How to live healthy in a toxic world!
Sunday Oct.1st - 10 AM CST


Upcoming G2 Church Seminar


Spanish Seminar October 14th - 16th
Three weeks away from our
Genesis II Church SPANISH Colombian Seminar!

Sign up and come to learn how to “take control of your OWN health” and enjoy beautiful Colombia!

NOTE: Please register as soon as possible because this helps us to plan the seminar to run more efficiently. Contact Bishop Joseph at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


This week we are continuing to look at how the Genesis II Church sacraments can “restore health” from most dis-eases and maintain said health. This week’s episode we will talk to a few people who are coming to this week’s G2 Church Seminar in English! Last week, we interviewed some of the people that attended our G2Church Seminar in New Zealand and heard testimonies of “restored health” from using the G2 Sacraments consistently. Here is the G2Voice VIDEO from last week’s episode:


G2Voice #054 Updates from G2 Church clinical study 9-24-17


There are over 250 million people in Brazil. This week I've had 2 people here from Brazil, Decio and Sanderson, doing a private seminar to teach them how to set up a Genesis II Church Chapter in Brazil. One of the men, Decio has been helping many people throughout Brazil and Sanderson has been doing a great job in translating, as well as guiding people in the Sacramental Protocols. They are learning how to do G2 Church seminars and have translated much of our information into Portuguese. Our G2 Church Protocols are being standardized around the world! More testimonies are coming in worldwide because people are finishing the protocols due to the "Starting Procedure" and learning to adjust the self-dosing to make the healing a "pleasurable experience" and not put the body into a strong "healing crisis" conditon. We are showing them the need to use the hourly drops for a stronger and longer lasting dose as opposed to other chlorine dioxide solutions. We have the testimonies worldwide to confirm that this is in fact much better! Also, they are going to do the G2Voice Broadcasts in Portuguese. Pray for Decio and Sanderson for they have a great vision to help the people in Brazil. We need Brazilians teaching this information and reaching Brazilians. We especially want to make sure the translations are correct because much of the information in Brazil about MMS is really not clear due to the people translating are not Brazilians. We are excited about helping them reach Brazil with the Genesis II Church Protocols. Decio and Sanderson will be our first two Brazilian Bishops to help enable them to train and "restore health" to many in Brazil!!!!

For the last 8 weeks, we have been talking about how toxins in our world are LITERALLY depopulating the world in a horrible ungodly way! This is NOT a conspiracy theory but a “conspiracy FACT”! Here is the information we have been covering for the last 9 weeks. You decide if the depopulation agenda is true or not! There is A LOT of very important information in the following videos that will help everyone understand why our world is becoming so TOXIC and in turn causing so many to be “dis-eased” in their bodies!
The Genesis II Church Sacraments can eliminate most of these toxins thoroughly and “restore health”!

• G2Voice #045: The Depopulation Agenda or Why are “they” trying to kill us and how? (7-23-2017)
• G2Voice #046 How to remove Vaccine and Medication toxins from your body to “restore health” (7-28-2017)
• G2Voice #047 Are we being poisoned from the skies? What are Chem-trails? (08/06/17)
• G2Voice Broadcast #48: We are surrounded by Fluoride and Aluminum and they are “dis-easing” us all!(08/13/2017)
• G2Voice #049: The long tentacles of Glyphosate in OUR world! (08/20/2017)

• G2Voice #050: Is Cancer Weaponized? (8-27-2017)
• HIV: Dr. Gallo’s baby #051: A Premeditated Depopulation Weapon? G2Voice (9-3-2017)
• G2Voice #052: How to Give G2sacraments to Animals and how to make MMS in your home! (9-10-2017)
• G2Voice Broadcast #53: Was Harvey and Irma Geoengineered? If so Why? (9-17-2017)

NOTE: If you can't attand a Genesis II Church Seminar the next best thing to do would be take the Genesis II Church Online Course to become a "Health Minister"and learn how to help many! Here is the link:



For those wanting to be members, Please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For members who need Religious Exemption from "health interference" by forced toxic medications in the form of vaccines here is the Official Letter from the G2 Church:



Genesis Logo English High contrast 128px 


Letter of Religious Exemption from vaccinations and/or mandatory medications

November 29, 2016
To Whom It May Concern,

This is in regard to our member: Mark S. Grenon
Santa Marta, Colombia

The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing is vehemently opposed to any toxin or poison being introduced into the body, “our temple”, by vaccine or any other means. The religious belief that our bodies are our personal temples that our spirits and souls live in, is based on the following Scripture:

I Corinthians 3:16-17 King James Version (KJV)
“Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?
If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are”.

The personal right and responsibility to maintain a healthy and clean temple is a fundamental belief of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing.
The following toxins are found in many vaccines being administered to the public:
Thimerosol: (Mercury) Highly poisonous to the human body
Squalene – Adjuvant causing autoimmune response in the body
Formaldehyde -- a known cancer-causing agent
Aluminum -- a neurotoxin that has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease
Triton X-100 -- a detergent
Phenol (carbolic acid)
Ethylene glycol (antifreeze)
SV-40 - Cancer causing monkey virus
Various antibiotics: neomycin, streptomycin, gentamicin -- which can cause allergic reactions in some people
MSG: Known Neurotoxin

We are not allowing these or any other toxin to be introduced into our temple without our personal consent period. Below is a more detailed description of what is prohibited into our temples. This is an example of our publicly declared religious right to ingest whatever we feel necessary to maintain our personal health and wellbeing.
Here is the reverse of the I.D. membership card of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing:

new back of card english


If any of the Genesis II Church members have their religious rights violated by any governmental or private organization, the Genesis II Church will vigorously announce each and every instance of abuse to the world. We are also building a worldwide support group of local Bishops, Health Ministers and Members to come to the aid of anyone of our members experiencing any abuse of our religious rights.

Archbishop Mark S. Grenon

For sacramental Guidance you can contact me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Joseph at:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For Sacramental Products go to:

Tune in this Sunday, October 1st to the G2Voice Broadcast at: www.g2voice Broadcast or listen to past episodes at:

Let’s change the world together!
Archbishop Mark S. Grenon


MMS Saves Lives.



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G2Voice Broadcast #54: Updates from G2 Church clinical study and logical questions about 9/11!
1 Week left to sign up for the Colombian G2 Church Seminar – ENGLISH!

English Seminar: September 29th-Oct.1st
Spanish Seminar October 14th - 16th

We are looking forward to training more health ministers in how to use the G2 Sacramental Protocols. We are now seeing so many testimonies coming in monthly. People can take control of the their own health without relying on the medical industry for the rest of their life! Of course, in case of an emergency you need a hospital's emergency ward, but day to day health can be achieved by:

1. Detoxing the body with the G2 Sacraments of pathogens i.e. bad bacterias, bad viruses, bad over-grown fungi and molds, overgrown parasite population, heavy metals, cancers and oxidize other synthetic and artificial compounds causing dis-ease in the body!
2. Minimizing the toxins that are coming into the body.
3. Building up the body's internal complex and efficient defense systems that work in conjunction with the 12 systems of the body with naturally organic foods.

Everyone that is planning on coming needs to buy their plane tickets to Santa Marta, Colombia. Rodadero where the seminar will be held is 20 minutes from Airport, (SMR).
NOTE: Please register as soon as possible because this helps us to plan the seminar to run more efficiently.
Contact Bishop Joseph at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Weekly Testimonies
Hi, Jordan,
How are you? Do you have electricity now?I hope so. Things have been very busy at this end but here's a few updates:
1. My hubbie, Jack was using a sharp knife and cut his finger really bad. It was bleeding and he sprayed the MMS spray on it and he said the blood immediately turned "black". It started to heal like immediately. He kept spraying the wound and within a day or so it was completely healed.

2. My hubbie usually gets bad allergies around this time of year; this year with MMS and Protocol 1000 - no allergies! Yeah!

3. Harvey still doing amazingly great with his diabetes; little to no shots of insulin needed daily. His pancreas is working.

4. Mishak should be finishing up his Protocol 1000 this week then he will write up a report of his results.
Will send to you. I will send you another email now with news about India, Nepal and China.Thank you for your sustained support.
All the best,

This week we are interviewing a group of people that have been using the G2 Sacraments for two years themselves and helping many others! We are going to have each one of them update us on their experiences, good or bad! I have heard two cancer testimonies that are really exciting and that was just one! We are expecting 20-25 people to be interviewed this Sunday on G2Voice Broadcast!
Please tune in 10 AM CST at -

AUDIO this Sunday, Sept. 24th
If we have time left during the Broadcast we will cover another important topic that effected all of us in the world and that is; I have 20+ questions about what happened on Sept.11th, . This is important to all of us because if the “accepted story” is a lie then what really happened? If this was a planned event to get the U.S. and other nations to evade Afghanistan and Iraq to control the oil and Opium then it needs to be exposed!

I was at Ground Zero at the World Trade Center on 9/13. In fact, I was planning on taking my children up the World Trade Center because we had done it few years before and the kids wanted to go up again. I worked there for 2 weeks as a chaplain in 12 hour shifts receiving people from around the world at Pier 94 looking for information about missing family members. I slept on the USS Comfort and saw and heard so many sad stories during those two weeks from desperate people wanting to know what happened. I was personally involved as a 1person that wanted to do anything I could to help as an American and was even willing to join the military to go fight against terrorism! 

So, If the “official version” of the 9/11 disaster is NOT true and even more planned and executed by a cooperative effort by CIA, Israel and others to create a war then I want to know and see ALL participants punished! I know the Lord will one day “set ALL accounts straight” but these criminals need to be stopped! Let’s ask some questions that aren’t being answered logically and scientifically and you decide. I have been studying this since it happened. If just a few of the questions below are answered truthfully and we find out this was a false flag, then ALL of us need to shout it out to the world and NOT stop until we see justice!
Study the following information and believe me there is much more information out there about the TRUTH of 9/11.

9/11 Questions that are not answered scientifically!

1. How can burning Jet fuel, that burns at 800° to 1500°F, be hot enough to melt steel (2750°F).
2. How can an aluminum plane cut steel?,
3. Where are the plane engines? Only one engine found from two planes and it was the wrong engine!,
4. Why military grade thermite found in the air and ground. Nanothermite composites
5. Building 7 was never hit by a plane and collapsed like a building being imploded? So, did towers 1 & 2!,
6. Sounds of explosions? Many heard explosions before collapses and it is on video! Man blown out of window by explosion:
7. Bush’s brother in charge of security, Marvin Bush why?
8. Crew working two weeks before shut down, “Israeli Art Students”.
9. Can’t fly into a building precisely at that speed. Impossible for pilots to do never mind 2 towers and the Pentagon. Retired Expert Pilot John Lear - No Planes Hit the Towers on 9/11:
10. All buildings fell like control explosions says experts. CIA Agent Confesses on Deathbed: ‘We Blew Up WTC7 On 9 11:, Architects and Engineers On 9/11! Excellent Must See:
11. Torpedo into pentagon or plane? Where is the plane? LEAKED 9/11 ANNIVERSARY PENTAGON CRUISE MISSILE FOOTAGE WITH ANALYSIS:
12. What happened after? Took control of Afghanistan and Iraq. Opium, Oil? NO weapons of mass destruction!
13. New passport unharmed on ground? Alex Jones:The 9/11 Hijackers Passports Were Made Of Kryptonite:
14. The amount of debris doesn't add up to the amount of material unless vaporized. Most of the 60% of the building material was vaporized!
15. Why Israeli is celebrating when the towers fell? Many of the people in the building were Jewish! Dancing Israelis there to document the event. Released 60-70 days after 9/11.
Israeli Art Students called the B-Thing had full run of the building for one year before 9/11. Four Israeli Suspects in World Trade Center Before 9/11 Doing Construction (Photo Evidence):
16. 1500 Architects and Engineers worldwide believe the WTC 1 &2 and Building 7 were exploded: Architects and Engineers On 9/11! Excellent Must See!:
17. 9/11 was a Nuclear Event. Here are the top ten reasons.
1 Thyroid Cancer: Iodine 131,
2 WTC dust samples found Uranium, Strontium, Thorium, Cadium, and other products of a Nuclear Fission were present which can only be explained in a nuclear fission event.
3 All that molten steel shine the fires that lasted over three months, millions of degrees hotter.
4 Buildings didn’t collapse, they exploded.
5 Inner contents of the towers were vaporized, nuclear explosion keeps on exploding endures level of energy.
6 Columbia’s Observatory in Palisades New York had two off the chart spikes when the building collapsed.
7 Nukes explained rest of damage to rest of WTC towers. Rest of WTC are interconnected underground by sewer, storm water drainage 3 feet wide to service pits to elevator 50. Followed the path of least resistance through these underground pipes or tunnels. Geysers and stems from pressure traveled to other buildings, emptied to other sewers.
8 Dust cloud itself US Military Nuclear Bomb Tests are very hot cloud.
9 Susan Lindauer, CIA Asset and cousin of George Bush’s Chief of Staff Andrew Carter. Advanced warning of 9/11 and destroyed by a mini nuke and airplanes.
10 Netanyahu 1995 book on “Fighting Terrorism” Intercontential Missiles, Nuclear payload, bomb in the basement of the World Trade Center. Caught talking to Tom Brokaw 2 days after 9/11.
18. No plane could fly low enough to hit the Pentagon. Where are the videos? Cameras everywhere!
19. Could a hologram be used? Military has the capability?
20. Molton metal found for months. Only nuclear can do this.
21. Molten metal dripping from Tower before it collapsed.
22. No steel building on earth when on fire collapsed never mind building 7: 9/11 Un-debunked Version 2.0: The First Steel Framed High-Rise Fire Collapses:
23. Who insured the Towers months before and was not present that day at the towers?
24. How did people call from Flight 93 from cell Phones that don’t work at those altitudes?
25. Person blown out of window by explosion? What kind of explosion would do that?
26. 15 more questions about 9/11

1. FAQ #1: Who demolished the Twin Towers and Building 7 and why?
We do not know who the perpetrators of this crime are. Identifying the culprits is the purpose of a real criminal investigation. However, we are able to provide overwhelming evidence of a cover-up of this crime. In addition, scientific forensic evidence indicates that only individuals who could gain long-term access inside the highly secure WTC skyscrapers and obtain advanced thermitic materials could have orchestrated the destruction of the Twin Towers and Building 7. A more detailed answer is available here.

FAQ #2: What about the planes that slammed into the Twin Towers? Wouldn’t they have disturbed the demolition devices?
Some of the demolition devices were undoubtedly disturbed by the plane impacts, but not enough to prevent the rest of the devices from performing adequately. Even the NIST report states that the collapse of the North Tower started on a floor with fairly minor structural damage. A more detailed answer is available here.

FAQ #3: What’s your assessment of the Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) hypothesis?
The DEW hypothesis is not supported by the forensic evidence, nor can it explain the available evidence, including the molten iron microspheres documented by USGS and RJ Lee, the molten metal at Ground Zero and the active thermitic material discovered in the WTC dust. A more detailed answer is available here.

FAQ #4: Why weren’t the sounds that were heard during the destruction of the WTC skyscrapers on 9/11 as loud as the blasts heard in videos of known controlled demolitions?
Many sounds of explosions were in fact heard at the WTC on 9/11, and their continuous and rapid nature would make individual explosions very difficult to hear. In addition, thermite incendiary materials, which were identified in the WTC dust, create less noise than conventional explosives. A more detailed answer is available here.
FAQ #5: What caused the isolated high-speed ejections of pulverized dust and debris from the Towers?
Video evidence shows that these ejections were composed of pulverized building materials, and they occurred at isolated, geometrically precise locations, in an engineered pattern which are attributable to explosives – not air pressure from above. In addition, the ejection speeds were too high to have been caused by the pressure of the collapsing structure above. A more detailed answer is available here.

FAQ #6: Why does AE911Truth represent only a small percentage of architects and engineers?
Most architects and engineers have never been presented with the scientific evidence of controlled demolition. In addition, most of those who take the time to examine this evidence acknowledge that the official story can’t be true. As of the date of this publication, there are almost 1,700 architects and engineers who openly support the findings of AE911Truth vs. only a few dozen who have openly supported the NIST WTC reports. Even so, in the end, the evidence stands on its own, regardless of how many professionals are aware of it. A more detailed answer is available here.

FAQ #7: Aren’t the red-gray chips identified in the WTC dust merely primer paint from the WTC steel structural elements?
Key ingredients of the primer paint are not present in the chemical composition of the red-gray chips – and vice versa. More importantly, scientific tests have revealed that the red-gray chips ignite at 430º C, creating molten iron as a reaction product – characteristics that confirm they are thermitic material and not primer paint. A more detailed answer is available here.

FAQ #8: What is nanothermite? Could it have been used to demolish the WTC towers?
Thermite is a mixture of a metal and the oxide of another metal that produces temperatures well in excess of 4000° F when ignited, certainly high enough to allow cuts through the structural steel of the Twin Towers. Nanothermite is a nano-engineered variant of thermite that can be formulated to be explosive, intensifying its destructive power. Residues of thermite and nanothermite were discovered in the WTC dust, which indicates they were used to destroy the WTC skyscrapers. A more detailed answer is available here.

FAQ #9: Were the Twin Towers designed to withstand the impact of the airplanes?
Yes. Airplane impact tests that were conducted during the design of the Twin Towers showed that the skyscrapers would withstand the impact of a Boeing 707, which has more energy upon impact than the 767 aircraft that crashed into the Twin Towers on 9/11. In the following years, lead WTC structural engineer John Skilling, WTC structural engineer Leslie Robertson and WTC construction manager Frank Demartini made statements that underscore that analysis. A more detailed answer is available here.

FAQ # 10: Did WTC 7 Owner Larry Silverstein Admit to Ordering the Controlled Demolition of the Building?
Larry Silverstein’s “pull it” statement is so cryptic and vague that it is impossible to know for sure what he was referring to. However, according to Fox News journalist Jeffrey Scott Shapiro, Silverstein tried to get approval to demolish WTC 7 on the afternoon of 9/11. Even though Silverstein’s statements have no bearing on the scientific evidence that proves WTC 7 was destroyed by controlled demolition, he should still be questioned in a future WTC investigation.
A more detailed answer is available here.

Study the following information and believe me there is much more inforamtion out there about the TRUTH of 9/11.
FAQ #11: Does the NIST WTC 7 computer animation of the collapse prove that the skyscraper came down by fire?
No. The NIST WTC 7 computer animation of the collapse does not even closely resemble the observations and actual video footage of the destruction in three main ways. A scientifically valid explanation of any phenomenon must account for the key observations. Moreover, a computer simulation does not constitute an explanation. It is merely a tool for determining and visualizing what might have happened if various assumptions are true. NIST has refused to disclose the computer inputs of its mathematical models. This makes it impossible for anyone to check their work. A more detailed answer is available here.

FAQ #12: Where are the 9/11 Whistleblowers?
Many of those who cannot accept the scientific evidence that refutes the official story of the collapse of the three WTC towers on 9/11/2001 argue, "If 9/11 was an inside operation, surely at least one whistleblower would have come forward by now. You couldn't keep something like that secret." While at first blush this argument might seem to be logical, closer examination shows that it makes no sense. Since scientific evidence has clearly shown that the official explanation for the destruction of the WTC skyscrapers cannot be true, the theory that the official story must be true because there have been "no 9/11 whistleblowers" is entirely specious. A more detailed answer is available here.

FAQ #13: Who was Responsible for the Controlled Demolition of the WTC Skyscrapers?
Arguably, no question surrounding 9/11 arouses more intense interest than this one. An investigation of 9/11 will certainly not be complete until we know who perpetrated the crimes and until they are brought to justice. Crime scene investigators know that, "Physical evidence cannot be wrong; it cannot perjure itself; it cannot be wholly absent. Only its interpretation can err." (Paul Kirk, Crime Investigation) A more detailed answer is available here.

FAQ #14: What was the Molten Metal Seen Pouring Out of the South Tower Minutes Before its Collapse — Steel and Iron, or Aluminum and/or Lead?
Liquid metal was seen pouring out of the South Tower during the final seven minutes before its collapse on September 11, 2001. Was it a combination of steel and iron, or was it aluminum and/or lead? What was the molten metal reported under the rubble of the Twin Towers at Ground Zero? And why is the identification of the molten metal important? A more detailed answer is available here.

FAQ #15: Various authors claim that nuclear blasts caused or contributed to the destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Why does AE911Truth not endorse this claim?
Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth is not aware of any evidence that supports the claim that nuclear blasts occurred at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. AE911Truth does not endorse that claim, nor does it endorse any theories resulting from it, nor does it link to websites and publications where such theories are promoted, for the reasons given below. A more detailed answer is available here.


27. Key evidence:
On September 11, 2001, the three worst structural failures in modern history took place when World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2, and 7 suffered complete and rapid destruction.
In the aftermath of the tragedy, most members of the architecture and engineering community, as well as the general public, assumed that the buildings’ destruction had occurred as a result of the airplane impacts and fires. This view was reinforced by subsequent federal investigations, culminating in FEMA’s 2002 Building Performance Study and in the 2005 and 2008 reports by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
Since 9/11, however, independent researchers around the world have assembled a large body of evidence that overwhelmingly refutes the notion that airplane impacts and fires caused the destruction of the Twin Towers and WTC 7. This body of evidence, most of which FEMA and NIST omitted from their reports, instead supports the troubling conclusion that all three skyscrapers were destroyed in a process known as “controlled demolition,” where explosives and/or other devices are used to bring down a building.

Rapid onset of destruction,

Constant acceleration at or near free-fall through what should have been the path of greatest resistance,

Numerous eyewitness accounts of explosions including 118 FDNY personnel,

Lateral ejection of multi-ton steel framing members distances of 600 feet at more than 60 mph,

Mid-air pulverization of 90,000 tons of concrete, and large volumes of expanding pyroclastic-like dust clouds,

Isolated explosive ejections 20 to 60 stories below the “crush zone,”

Total destruction and dismemberment of all three buildings, with 220 floors each an acre in size missing from the Twin Towers’ debris pile,

Several tons of molten steel/iron found in the debris piles,

Evidence of thermite incendiaries on steel beams,

Nanothermite composites and iron microspheres found in WTC dust samples.

Other VERY important information about the TRUTH of 9/11

• Architects and Engineers On 9/11! Excellent Must See!:
• 9/11 Simplified:
• WTC 7 - An Epic Fairy Tale:
• Retired Expert Pilot John Lear - No Planes Hit the Towers on 9/11:
• 9/11 2001 (The Footage They Didn't Let You See Twice)
• It's only 25 minutes, PLEASE WATCH 911 (Truth Revealed)
• ELF Weapons - Nikola Tesla's quest to Control the Weather
• Former NIST Employee Speaks Out On World Trade Centre Towers Collapse Investigation
• CIA Agent Confesses On Deathbed: ‘We Blew Up WTC7 On 9 11:

• Please watch this video by the SGTreport. Tons of Information, please share.

From the video with links as follows.
James Perloff is half Jewish on his Father’s side.
5 Dancing Israelis there to document the event. Released 60-70 days after 9/11.
Israeli Art Students called the B-Thing had full run of the building for one year before 9/11.
9/11 was outside job by Israeli Operatives, but with the cooperation and consent at the highest levels of the US Government.
1967 attack on the USS Liberty. President Johnson and Defense Secretary McNamara cooperated with that attack by Israelis.
"9/11 Was a False Flag to get into illegal wars" - Former FDNY Rudy Dent

Airports involved on 9/11 was Huntley USA, which is a subsidiary of ICTs International, which is owned by 2 Israelis Harrell and Menachem Havesome. World Trade Center Security in the end of Kroll and Associates, owners are Jeremy and Jules Crowe are hardcore Zionists Israel.
Larry Silverstein invested less than 2 months before the attacks $124 million. With the Insurance claim received a $5 billion-dollar insurance payout. Is friends with Netanyahu.
Ever since 9/11 US has been fighting Israel’s War.
Danny Lewin, former Captain in Israeli Defense Force and Served in Sayeret Matkal, which is elite military special ops on 9/11. They specialize in assassination and counterterrorism. Lewin could kill terrorists with a pin, credit card, or bare hands. Watch shows 9/11. Row 9 on Flight 11, on 9/11.
What happened was there were 2 suitcase Nukes in the service elevator 50. Bear in mind there are 6 basement levels below each tower. Elevator 50 is the only elevator that rant the full length of each tower, center of the building, only elevator where service pits were carved into the bedrock beneath Twin Towers. Launching pad for a Nuke because the bedrock would contain the sideways and downward force of the nuke allowing it to go straight up.
Nuclear Event top ten reasons. 1 Thyroid Cancer: Iodine 131, 2 WTC dust samples found Uranium, Strontium, Thorium, Cadium, and other products of a Nuclear Fission, which can only be explained in a nuclear fission even
Please read and watch videos that Titus Frost did on 9/11 and the Direct Energy Weapons.
What Really Happened on 9/11 = IXXI
What hit the Twin Towers?
On Shanksville, Somerset County Coroner Wallace Miller within 20 minutes declared this crash was different, there was no wreckage and no bodies. On the Pentagon, Karen Kotowski Lieutenant Colonel and US Air Force retired and PhD “there was a dearth of visible debris on the relatively unmarked Pentagon lawn were I stood only minutes after the impact beyond the strange absence of airliner debris, there was no sign of the kind of damage to the Pentagon structure that one would expect from the impact of a large airliner this visible evidence or lack thereof may also have been apparent to the Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld when an unfortunate slip of the tongue referred to the aircraft that slammed into the Pentagon as a Missle.” No footage of the Pentagon, except of the aftermath.

April Gallop who was in the Pentagon saw no aircraft, bodies, nothing. Major General Albert Stubblebine to form a head of US Army Intelligence who said a Missile hit the Pentagon.
Cruise Missile underneath Flight 175. No way any commercial airline would have it, period.
Deep State Military Drone Planes at 590 miles.
G-Forces acting against it. Boeing cannot be controlled at that speed, Penetration of the aluminum wings and tail. Planes don’t decelerate, airliner nose cannot travel through steel columns. Cloaked Missiles, controlled pin-point precision, hardened with penetration.
5.6 Airborne Holographic Projector. Projects 3D image, cloaking image, used to fool enemy.
Israel commissioned Dolphin Class Submarines in 1999. 1987, ELA, with Stealth technologies. LaVon Hotel and King David Hotel, classic example is USS Liberty.
Deep State has technology way more advanced than what we lead to believe.
Secret Space program. Alaskan Fairbanks on 9/11 Inside Job, NIST is lying.
Thermite, dripping steel from buildings. Limited airline debris not matched with any 9/11 planes.
What happened to the Planes and Passengers?
Mohammed Atta’s luggage didn’t get on Flight 11, had names of the 19 planted hijackers.
About half of the 9/11 hijackers are alive. They couldn’t fly the Boeings.
Yes, hijackers on the planes. Occam’s Razor. Not the Arabs that we are lead to believe, but the Israeli Special Ops 11-11-11 Danny Lewin and his group of Israeli Intelligence.
Experienced Special Ops were flying the Planes.
Conversations about 9/11 with an Airline Pilot. Could not hack a 757, nor a 767 Conventional, no computers in basic operation, which made the old generation aircraft so dependable in basic flight handling. Modern 777 are computer regulated, could be hacked, not the ones on 9/11. Real hacking by people established.
What hijacker would encourage the passengers to call their families and let them what is going on. The Israelis wanted the Muslim narrative to be established.
Charlie Hebdo incident was another Zionist operation. Fake shooting on the police officer on the ground never happened, played his part.
Every Boeing cockpit was locked by a key. Hijackers had copy of the key.
Recording of Air Traffic Control, Flight 11 did not hit the tower, was in the air heading towards Washington. Planes were half empty.
Where the planes landed? All 4 planes bound for California, get away over the Atlantic. Shut off the Air phones, 2 VHF radios at 760 frequencies on the ground, ear phones are cut off, plane down.
Killed the passengers by taking the plane back up the altitude. Depressurize the Cabin, shutting off the air that comes through the air conditioning packs, and open the air outflow value, the passengers would be dead in one minute. Unlimited oxygen in the cockpit.
Explained why MH370 went up 40,000 feet it had trouble were depressurizing the cabin to kill the passengers on board.
Distance from Boston to Los Angeles over 2400 miles. 2400 miles away are the Azores at the Loggie’s Airbase by the CIA for covert operations. Landed to refuel in Azores, Destination was Israel. Planes had to land back at original takeoff. Loggie’s Airbase is Official Diversion.
Cheney allowed a civilian aircraft that needed to be refueled to come in.
Pathway from Azores was through Africa only. Was the pathway for the first three aircrafts.
Flight 93 was shot down by Let’s Roll by Cheney to save the 9/11 scheme. Donald Green, passenger and licensed pilot. Flight Attendants have keys into the cockpit in case of emergency. If the passengers did get control of the cockpit and made a rough landing. Seceded landing, then the entire 9/11 would be revealed with Israeli’s at the cockpit. None of the illegal wars would’ve happened in the Middle East, AIPAC would lost a special relationship with United States as would Israel.
David Ray Griffin wrote 6 or 7 books on 9/11.
9/11 and Beyond the Rothschild Israeli obsession with Nuclear Weapons.
All for the Greater Israeli Project.
Every War is a Bankers War. Military Industrial Complex
All by Design, World's A Stage.
Please review and share of these posts.
Israeli PM Netanyahu Makes Panicked Visit To Russia And Begs For Help From Putin

The World Is Heading Towards Armageddon As The Major Military Powers Of The Earth Prepare For War. Great Britain, Germany, Turkey, Hungary, And The Major Military Powers Of The Earth Are All Preparing For World War Three


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Was Harvey and Irma Geo-engineered? If so Why?

If you found out the two recent hurricanes, Harvey and Irma, were created, manipulated and guided by the Military, would you be upset? In 2010, Haiti was hit with an earthquake killing 150,000+. I was working in Haiti at the time but when the earthquake occurred I was in Santo Domingo. One of our friends in Petionville, Haiti sent me a video of a big ball of light over the city the night before the earthquake. It was moving around like it was aiming. If what you are about to read and watch is true, then this could have been done with the same machine they use to manipulate weather, HAARP!

Are they showing us they can do it? Mocking us?
• GEOSTORM Trailer 2 (Extended) 2017

• Controlling Hurricanes: Harvey, Irma, And Now Jose?

What Is Geoengineering?



Geoengineering is the deliberate large-scale intervention in the Earth’s natural systems to counteract climate change.
There is a wide range of proposed geoengineering techniques. Generally, these can be grouped into two categories:
Solar Radiation Management (SRM) or Solar Geoengineering
SRM techniques aim to reflect a small proportion of the Sun’s energy back into space, counteracting the temperature rise caused by increased levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which absorb energy and raise temperatures. Some proposed techniques include:
• Albedo enhancement. Increasing the reflectiveness of clouds or the land surface so that more of the Sun’s heat is reflected back into space.
• Space reflectors. Blocking a small proportion of sunlight before it reaches the Earth.
• Stratospheric aerosols. Introducing small, reflective particles into the upper atmosphere to reflect some sunlight before it reaches the surface of the Earth.
Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) or Carbon Geoengineering
CDR techniques aim to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, directly countering the increased greenhouse effect and ocean acidification. These techniques would have to be implemented on a global scale to have a significant impact on carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. Some proposed techniques include:
• Afforestation. Engaging in a global-scale tree planting effort.
• Biochar. 'Charring' biomass and burying it so that its carbon is locked up in the soil.
• Bio-energy with carbon capture and sequestration. Growing biomass, burning it to create energy and capturing and sequestering the carbon dioxide created in the process.
• Ambient Air Capture. Building large machines that can remove carbon dioxide directly from ambient air and store it elsewhere.
• Ocean Fertilisation. Adding nutrients to the ocean in selected locations to increase primary production which draws down carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
Enhanced Weathering. Exposing large quantities of minerals that will react with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and storing the resulting compound in the ocean or soil.
• Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement. Grinding up, dispersing, and dissolving rocks such as limestone, silicates, or calcium hydroxide in the ocean to increase its ability to store carbon and directly ameliorate ocean acidification.

This site was established by Dane Wigington and he has all the information you need to totally research what Geoengineering is and how it is being used worldwide. He is warning the whole world! This man is a hero!
Hacking the Planet: The Climate Engineering Reality by Dane Wigington


Controlling Hurricanes: Harvey, Irma, And Now Jose?

Controlling Hurricanes: Harvey, Irma, And Now Jose?

Geoengineering Watch Home page

What is HAARP?

• HAARP Explained - Inventor Dr. Bernard Eastlund:
• The Weather Is Changing Full HAARP Chemtrail Documentary 2014 HD new HD documentary
• US Navy Website Shows Entire Planet Blanketed By Bizarre 'HAARP Anomaly' From Antarctica Including Direct Interaction With Rapidly Intensifying Hurricane Irma:
• Top Scientist Tells CBS: HAARP Responsible For Recent Hurricanes - What Is Cloud Seeding?:

Weather Warfare: Beware the US Military’s Experiments with Climatic Warfare
‘Climatic warfare’ has been excluded from the agenda on climate change.

“We’re moving on to other ways of managing the ionosphere, which the HAARP was really designed to do,” he said. “To inject energy into the ionosphere to be able to actually control it. But that work has been completed.”
The debate on climate change does not acknowledge the role of climatic warfare, namely the deliberate manipulation of climate for military use.
“HAARP is a weapon of mass destruction, capable of destabilising agricultural and ecological systems globally.”

“‘Climatic warfare’ potentially threatens the future of humanity, but has casually been excluded from the reports for which the IPCC received the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.”
It has also been excluded from the November 2015 Paris Climate Summit.

Rarely acknowledged in the debate on global climate change, the world’s weather can now be modified as part of a new generation of sophisticated electromagnetic weapons. Both the US and Russia have developed capabilities to manipulate the climate for military use.
Environmental modification techniques have been applied by the US military for more than half a century. US mathematician John von Neumann, in liaison with the US Department of Defense, started his research on weather modification in the late 1940s at the height of the Cold War and foresaw ‘forms of climatic warfare as yet unimagined’. During the Vietnam war, cloud-seeding techniques were used, starting in 1967 under Project Popeye, the objective of which was to prolong the monsoon season and block enemy supply routes along the Ho Chi Minh Trail.
The US military has developed advanced capabilities that enable it selectively to alter weather patterns. The technology, which is being perfected under the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), is an appendage of the Strategic Defense Initiative – ‘Star Wars’. From a military standpoint, HAARP is a weapon of mass destruction, operating from the outer atmosphere and capable of destabilising agricultural and ecological systems around the world.
Weather-modification, according to the US Air Force document AF 2025 Final Report, ‘offers the war fighter a wide range of possible options to defeat or coerce an adversary’, capabilities, it says, extend to the triggering of floods, hurricanes, droughts and earthquakes: ‘Weather modification will become a part of domestic and international security and could be done unilaterally… It could have offensive and defensive applications and even be used for deterrence purposes. The ability to generate precipitation, fog and storms on earth or to modify space weather… and the production of artificial weather all are a part of an integrated set of [military] technologies.’
In 1977, an international Convention was ratified by the UN General Assembly which banned ‘military or other hostile use of environmental modification techniques having widespread, long-lasting or severe effects.’ It defined ‘environmental modification techniques’ as ‘any technique for changing –through the deliberate manipulation of natural processes – the dynamics, composition or structure of the earth, including its biota, lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere, or of outer space.’
While the substance of the 1977 Convention was reasserted in the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) signed at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio, debate on weather modification for military use has become a scientific taboo.
Military analysts are mute on the subject. Meteorologists are not investigating the matter and environmentalists are focused on greenhouse gas emissions under the Kyoto Protocol. Neither is the possibility of climatic or environmental manipulations as part of a military and intelligence agenda, while tacitly acknowledged, part of the broader debate on climate change under UN auspices.

The HAARP Programme
Established in 1992, HAARP, based in Gokona, Alaska, is an array of high-powered antennas that transmit, through high-frequency radio waves, massive amounts of energy into the ionosphere (the upper layer of the atmosphere). Their construction was funded by the US Air Force, the US Navy and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Operated jointly by the Air Force Research Laboratory and the Office of Naval Research, HAARP constitutes a system of powerful antennas capable of creating ‘controlled local modifications of the ionosphere’. According to its official website,, HAARP will be used ‘to induce a small, localized change in ionospheric temperature so physical reactions can be studied by other instruments located either at or close to the HAARP site’.

But Rosalie Bertell, president of the International Institute of Concern for Public Health, says HAARP operates as ‘a gigantic heater that can cause major disruptions in the ionosphere, creating not just holes, but long incisions in the protective layer that keeps deadly radiation from bombarding the planet’.
Physicist Dr Bernard Eastlund called it ‘the largest ionospheric heater ever built’. HAARP is presented by the US Air Force as a research programme, but military documents confirm its main objective is to ‘induce ionospheric modifications’ with a view to altering weather patterns and disrupting communications and radar.
According to a report by the Russian State Duma: ‘The US plans to carry out large-scale experiments under the HAARP programme [and] create weapons capable of breaking radio communication lines and equipment installed on spaceships and rockets, provoke serious accidents in electricity networks and in oil and gas pipelines, and have a negative impact on the mental health of entire regions.’*
An analysis of statements emanating from the US Air Force points to the unthinkable: the covert manipulation of weather patterns, communications and electric power systems as a weapon of global warfare, enabling the US to disrupt and dominate entire regions. Weather manipulation is the pre-emptive weapon par excellence. It can be directed against enemy countries or ‘friendly nations’ without their knowledge, used to destabilise economies, ecosystems and agriculture. It can also trigger havoc in financial and commodity markets. The disruption in agriculture creates a greater dependency on food aid and imported grain staples from the US and other Western countries.
HAARP was developed as part of an Anglo-American partnership between Raytheon Corporation, which owns the HAARP patents, the US Air Force and British Aerospace Systems (BAES).
The HAARP project is one among several collaborative ventures in advanced weapons systems between the two defence giants. The HAARP project was initiated in 1992 by Advanced Power Technologies, Inc. (APTI), a subsidiary of Atlantic Richfield Corporation (ARCO). APTI (including the HAARP patents) was sold by ARCO to E-Systems Inc, in 1994. E-Systems, on contract to the CIA and US Department of Defense, outfitted the ‘Doomsday Plan’, which ‘allows the President to manage a nuclear war’.Subsequently acquired by Raytheon Corporation, it is among the largest intelligence contractors in the World. BAES was involved in the development of the advanced stage of the HAARP antenna array under a 2004 contract with the Office of Naval Research.
The installation of 132 high frequency transmitters was entrusted by BAES to its US subsidiary, BAE Systems Inc. The project, according to a July report in Defense News, was undertaken by BAES’s Electronic Warfare division. In September it received DARPA’s top award for technical achievement for the design, construction and activation of the HAARP array of antennas.
The HAARP system is fully operational and in many regards dwarfs existing conventional and strategic weapons systems. While there is no firm evidence of its use for military purposes, Air Force documents suggest HAARP is an integral part of the militarisation of space. One would expect the antennas already to have been subjected to routine testing.
Under the UNFCCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has a mandate ‘to assess scientific, technical and socioeconomic information relevant for the understanding of climate change’. This mandate includes environmental warfare. ‘Geo-engineering’ is acknowledged, but the underlying military applications are neither the object of policy analysis or scientific research in the thousands of pages of IPCC reports and supporting documents, based on the expertise and input of some 2,500 scientists, policymakers and environmentalists. ‘Climatic warfare’ potentially threatens the future of humanity, but has casually been excluded from the reports for which the IPCC received the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.

Patents are there for all to read and pictures around the world proof it! Also, testing of what the patents say are being used are the same chemicals on the ground and in the water. If there was 1 or two people saying this then maybe we are chasing a myth or fable BUT there is 160+ patents for use in weather modifaction below:
For anyone doubting the existence of the phenomenon of geoengineering/weather modification, please take a minute to read through this extensive list of patents from America on equipment and processes used in just such programs. The evidence is clear.
NOTE: The following patents prove that the technology is there to manipulate weather!
United States Patent and Trademark Office

  1. 1338343 – April 27, 1920 – Process And Apparatus For The Production of Intense Artificial Clouds, Fogs, or Mists
  2. 1619183 – March 1, 1927 – Process of Producing Smoke Clouds From Moving Aircraft
  3. 1631753 – June 7, 1927 – Electric Heater – Referenced in 3990987
  4. 1665267 – April 10, 1928 – Process of Producing Artificial Fogs
  5. 1892132 – December 27, 1932 – Atomizing Attachment For Airplane Engine Exhausts
  6. 1928963 – October 3, 1933 – Electrical System And Method
  7. 1957075 – May 1, 1934 – Airplane Spray Equipment
  8. 2097581 – November 2, 1937 – Electric Stream Generator – Referenced in 3990987
  9. 2409201 – October 15, 1946 – Smoke Producing Mixture
  10. 2476171 – July 18, 1945 – Smoke Screen Generator
  11. 2480967 – September 6, 1949 – Aerial Discharge Device
  12. 2550324 – April 24, 1951 – Process For Controlling Weather
  13. 2582678 – June 15, 1952 – Material Disseminating Apparatus For Airplanes
  14. 2591988 – April 8, 1952 – Production of TiO2 Pigments – Referenced in 3899144
  15. 2614083 – October 14, 1952 – Metal Chloride Screening Smoke Mixture
  16. 2633455 – March 31, 1953 – Smoke Generator
  17. 2688069 – August 31, 1954 – Steam Generator – Referenced in 3990987
  18. 2721495 – October 25, 1955 – Method And Apparatus For Detecting Minute Crystal Forming Particles Suspended in a Gaseous Atmosphere
  19. 2730402 – January 10, 1956 – Controllable Dispersal Device
  20. 2801322 – July 30, 1957 – Decomposition Chamber for Monopropellant Fuel – Referenced in 3990987
  21. 2881335 – April 7, 1959 – Generation of Electrical Fields
  22. 2908442 – October 13, 1959 – Method For Dispersing Natural Atmospheric Fogs And Clouds
  23. 2986360 – May 30, 1962 – Aerial Insecticide Dusting Device
  24. 2963975 – December 13, 1960 – Cloud Seeding Carbon Dioxide Bullet
  25. 3126155 – March 24, 1964 – Silver Iodide Cloud Seeding Generator – Referenced in 3990987
  26. 3127107 – March 31, 1964 – Generation of Ice-Nucleating CrystalsAgnew
  27. 3131131 – April 28, 1964 – Electrostatic Mixing in Microbial Conversions
  28. 3174150 – March 16, 1965 – Self-Focusing Antenna System
  29. 3234357 – February 8, 1966 – Electrically Heated Smoke Producing Device
  30. 3274035 – September 20, 1966 – Metallic Composition For Production of Hydroscopic Smoke
  31. 3300721 – January 24, 1967 – Means For Communication Through a Layer of Ionized Gases
  32. 3313487 – April 11, 1967 – Cloud Seeding Apparatus
  33. 3338476 – August 29, 1967 – Heating Device For Use With Aerosol Containers – Referenced in 3990987
  34. 3410489 – November 12, 1968 – Automatically Adjustable Airfoil Spray System With Pump
  35. 3429507 – February 25, 1969 – Rainmak
  36. 3432208 – November 7, 1967 – Fluidized Particle Dispenser
  37. 3441214 – April 29, 1969 – Method And Apparatus For Seeding Clouds
  38. 3445844 – May 20, 1969 – Trapped Electromagnetic Radiation Communications System
  39. 3456880 – July 22, 1969 – Method Of Producing Precipitation From The Atmosphere
  40. 3518670 June 30, 1970 – Artificial Ion Cloud
  41. 3534906 – October 20, 1970 – Control of Atmospheric Particles
  42. 3545677 – December 8, 1970 – Method of Cloud Seeding
  43. 3564253 – February 16, 1971 – System And Method For Irradiation Of Planet Surface Areas
  44. 3587966 – June 28, 1971 – Freezing Nucleation
  45. 3601312 – August 24, 1971 – Methods of Increasing The Likelihood oF Precipatation By The Artificial Introduction Of Sea Water Vapor Into The Atmosphere Winward Of An Air Lift Region
  46. 3608810 – September 28, 1971 – Methods of Treating Atmospheric Conditions
  47. 3608820– September 20, 1971 – Treatment of Atmospheric Conditions by Intermittent Dispensing of Materials Therein
  48. 3613992 – October 19, 1971 – Weather Modification Method
  49. 3630950 – December 28, 1971 – Combustible Compositions For Generating Aerosols, Particularly Suitable For Cloud Modification And Weather Control And Aerosolization Process
  50. USRE29142 – This patent is a reissue of patent US3630950 – Combustible compositions for generating aerosols, particularly suitable for cloud modification and weather control and aerosolization process
  51. 3659785 – December 8, 1971 – Weather Modification Utilizing Microencapsulated Material
  52. 3666176 – March 3, 1972 – Solar Temperature Inversion Device
  53. 3677840 – July 18, 1972 – Pyrotechnics Comprising Oxide of Silver For Weather Modification Use
  54. 3722183 – March 27, 1973 – Device For Clearing Impurities From The Atmosphere
  55. 3769107 – October 30, 1973 – Pyrotechnic Composition For Generating Lead Based Smoke
  56. 3784099 – January 8, 1974 – Air Pollution Control Method
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  64. 3882393 – May 6, 1975 – Communications System Utilizing Modulation of The Characteristic Polarization of The Ionosphere
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  66. 3899129 – August 12, 1975 – Apparatus for generating ice nuclei smoke particles for weather modification
  67. 3899144 – August 12, 1975 – Powder contrail generation
  68. 3940059 – February 24, 1976 – Method For Fog Dispersion
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  70. 3990987 – November 9, 1976 – Smoke generator
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  77. radio wave surveillance systems by partial control of radio wave et al
  78. 4096005 – June 20, 1978 – Pyrotechnic Cloud Seeding Composition
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  99. 4829838 – May 16, 1989 – Method and apparatus for the measurement of the size of particles entrained in a gas
  100. 4836086 – June 6, 1989 – Apparatus and method for the mixing and diffusion of warm and cold air for dissolving fog
  101. 4873928 – October 17, 1989 – Nuclear-sized explosions without radiation
  102. 4948257 – August 14, 1990 – Laser optical measuring device and method for stabilizing fringe pattern spacing
  103. 1338343– August 14, 1990 – Process and Apparatus for the production of intense artificial Fog
  104. 4999637 – March 12, 1991 – Creation of artificial ionization clouds above the earth
  105. 5003186 – March 26, 1991 – Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for Agnewreduction of global warming
  106. 5005355 – April 9, 1991 – Method of suppressing formation of contrails and solution therefor
  107. 5038664 – August 13, 1991 – Method for producing a shell of relativistic particles at an altitude above the earths surface
  108. 5041760 – August 20, 1991 – Method and apparatus for generating and utilizing a compound plasma configuration
  109. 5041834 – August 20, 1991 – Artificial ionospheric mirror composed of a plasma layer which can be tilted
  110. 5056357 – October 15, 1991- Acoustic method for measuring properties of a mobile medium
  111. 5059909 – October 22, 1991 – Determination of particle size and electrical charge
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  113. 5110502 – May 5, 1992 – Method of suppressing formation of contrails and solution therefor
  114. 5156802 – October 20, 1992 – Inspection of fuel particles with acoustics
  115. 5174498 – December 29, 1992 – Cloud Seeding
  116. 5148173 – September 15, 1992 – Millimeter wave screening cloud and method
  117. 5245290 – September 14, 1993 – Device for determining the size and charge of colloidal particles by measuring electroacoustic effect
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  130. 5631414 – May 20, 1997 – Method and device for remote diagnostics of ocean-atmosphere system state
  131. 5639441 – June 17, 1997 – Methods for fine particle formation
  132. 5762298 – June 9, 1998 – Use of artificial satellites in earth orbits adaptively to modify the effect that solar radiation would otherwise have on earth’s weather
  133. 5912396 – June 15, 1999 – System and method for remediation of selected atmospheric conditions
  134. 5922976 – July 13, 1999 – Method of measuring aerosol particles using automated mobility-classified aerosol detector
  135. 5949001 – September 7, 1999 – Method for aerodynamic particle size analysis
  136. 5984239 – November 16, 1999 – Weather modification by artificial satellite
  137. 6025402 – February 15, 2000 – Chemical composition for effectuating a reduction of visibility obscuration, and a detoxifixation of fumes and chemical fogs in spaces of fire origin
  138. 6030506 – February 29, 2000 – Preparation of independently generated highly reactive chemical species
  139. 6034073 – March 7, 2000 – Solvent detergent emulsions having antiviral activity
  140. 6045089 – April 4, 2000 – Solar-powered airplane
  141. 6056203 – May 2, 2000 – Method and apparatus for modifying supercooled clouds
  142. 6110590 – August 29, 2000 – Synthetically spun silk nanofibers and a process for making the same
  143. 6263744 – July 24, 2001 – Automated mobility-classified-aerosol detector
  144. 6281972 – August 28, 2001 – Method and apparatus for measuring particle-size distribution
  145. 6315213 – November 13, 2001 – Method of modifying weather
  146. 6382526 – May 7, 2002 – Process and apparatus for the production of nanofibers
  147. 6408704 – June 25, 2002 – Aerodynamic particle size analysis method and apparatus
  148. 6412416 – July 2, 2002 – Propellant-based aerosol generation devices and method
  149. 6520425 – February 18, 2003 – Process and apparatus for the production of nanofibers
  150. 6539812 – April 1, 2003 – System for measuring the flow-rate of a gas by means of ultrasound
  151. 6553849 – April 29, 2003 – Electrodynamic particle size analyzer
  152. 6569393 – May 27, 2003 – Method and device for cleaning the atmosphere
  153. 6569393 – May 27, 2003 – Method And Device For Cleaning The Atmosphere
  154. 0056705 A1 – March 17, 2005 – Weather Modification by Royal Rainmaking Technology
  155. 6890497– May 10, 2005 – Method For Extracting And Sequestering Carbon Dioxide
  156. 7965488– November 9, 2007 – Methods Of Removing Aerosols From The Atmosphere
  157. 8048309–  August 28, 2008 – Seawater-Based Carbon Dioxide Disposal
  158. 8012453 – October 27, 2008 – Carbon Sequestration And Production O
  159. Hydrogen And Hydride
  160. 7645326 – January 12, 2010 – RFID environmental manipulation
  161. 7655193– February 2, 2010 – Apparatus For Extracting And Sequestering Carbon Dioxide
  162. 8079545 – December 20, 2011 – Ground based Manipulation and Control of Aerial Vehicle during nonflying operations
  163. 0117003 – October 5, 2012 – Geoengineering Method Of Business Using Carbon Counterbalance Credits – alternate link
  164. 8373962 – February 12, 2013 – Charged seed cloud as a method for increasing particle collisions and for scavenging airborne biological agents and other contaminants

NOTE: They have watched the following videos and, if you are really seeking the truth about Geoengineering and whether or not it is true then, watch all of them and you decide.
1. Bob Fletcher Exposes Weather Weapons of War Treaty:
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9. NASA Images Alleged To Show Geoengineering Of Hurricanes:
10. Fake Manufactured Weather causes Real Damage and shakes up markets:
11. Top Scientist Tells CBS: HAARP Responsible For Recent Hurricanes
12. The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction: “Owning the Weather” for Military Use:
13. ELF Weapons - Nikola Tesla's quest to Control the Weatherof-mass-destruction-owning-the-weather-for-military-use-2/5306386;
14. Weather Modification Causing Global Climate Chaos and Environmental Catastrophe
15. Air Force Bombshell: Admits They Can Control Weather – HAARP
16. Tom Bearden - Weather Modification by Scalar Waves - 1 of 10

Geo-Engineering is real folks! We have had come to us with a dis-ease called “Morgellons”. They were complaining about the feeling of things under the skin. Jim developed the “Bag Protocol” to help to gas the skin. People had translucent thread-like non-organic things come out! Also, we have been in some different cities around the world that had HEAVY chemtrail spraying going on and used the “Protocol 6&6” to keep the lungs and sinuses cleaned out. The G2 Sacraments can cleanse the aluminum and other things out of the body if breathed in by “oxidation”.
To learn more about the Genesis II Church and the G2 Sacraments attend one of our seminars!

G2Seminars in Colombia
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Two weeks away from Our
Genesis II Church ENGLISH Colombian Seminar!
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NOTE: Please register as soon as possible because this helps us to plan the seminar to run more efficiently.Contact Bishop Joseph at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This week on the G2Voice Broadcast, we will be discussing “Was Harvey and Irma Geo-engineered? If so Why?” Tune in at: 10 AM CST or watch our previous 52 episodes covering 40+ dis-eases on our G2Voice YouTube Channel.G2Voice YouTube:

Let’s change the world together!
Archbishop Mark S. Grenon


MMS Saves Lives.



MMS Wiki




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Daniel Smith | September Update


September 18th, 2017

Daniel’s Appeal was heard by 3 Appellate Judges on August 30, 2017. How did the Judges rule? No one knows...yet. I can’t even tell you much about the hearing. Daniel’s attorney said the 3 Judges gave him 15 minutes to open the hearing. He highlighted the key points of the nearly 1,000 page-long appeal he had prepared and provided to them a month earlier. He could not read their facial expressions and they did not ask him anything.

Next the Government Prosecutor used his 15 minutes to argue against Daniel’s appeal and only selected about 3 or 4 key points to support his opposition. When he finished one Judge asked him a question and when his answer didn’t satisfy her she rephrased it and he tried again. Again Daniel’s attorney could not read their facial expressions.

The Judges gave Daniel’s attorney one minute additional to rebut the Government’s arguments. Again he could not read their facial expressions and they did not ask him anything.

That concluded the oral appeal hearing. I waited 3 weeks before writing this Update hoping to be able to share their decision with you. But the turtle-pace of Justice continues. Once their ruling is in I’ll update you ASAP.

Today, September 18, 2017, Daniel is in his 3rd year in prison. He has been jailed for 880 days after not being allowed to even put on a defense which is every American’s Constitutional right...isn’t it?


Dearest Friends & Family:

As my Father has told you, a panel of three judges recently heard thirty minutes of oral argument on my direct appeal. There is nothing to report yet, as we are awaiting a decision that could take weeks or even months. However, the case was "expedited" and perhaps this means a decision could come sooner than later.

I am encouraged. The panel deciding the case are among the best in the circuit and I believe their knowledge and experience will guide them in applying the law with objectivity. My appellate defense attorney has done a tremendous job of showing how the government's case is without merit.

As most of you know, I took the case to trial because I could not - on principle - plead guilty to crimes neither I nor my co-defendants committed. Nobody likes a bully - especially when they're picking on your family. However, my co-defendants - including my beloved Karis - were forced to plead to misdemeanors in order to avoid the gauntlet I have endured the last three years. In Karis' case, we were unwilling to deprive our youngest, Sabrielle, of both her parents for an undetermined amount of time on a gamble that justice would win in the end. The prosecutor knew this from the beginning. Thankfully, everyone rejected their first offers to plead to felonies.

One of my all-time favorite movies is "Vanilla Skies" (feat. Tom & Penelope Cruise/Cruz). Spoiler Alert: A majority of the story takes place within a "lucid dream" under cryogenic sleep, which David (Tom Cruise) purchases from a futuristic tech company, "Life Extensions", when his real life becomes unbearable. However, something goes terribly wrong. David calls on "tech support" who meets him (in his dream) and explains that his nightmares have been a creation of his own imagination, but the problem has been fixed.

What comes to mind for me - over and over - in this last leg of my journey, is a statement tech support makes to David in that final scene. He says: "Its been a brilliant journey of self awakening." And now David has a choice. He can either stay in the lucid dream (with upgrades of course), or wake up. In order for David to wake up, however, he must face his last remaining fear (a fear of heights) by leaping (in his dream) from the ledge of a building under Monet skies - a scenario, as it turns out, he chose for himself when he signed up for the lucid dream.

Perhaps the metaphor is not lost on you. For me, somewhere beyond this nightmare - the conflict, the David vs. Goliath (FDA/Big Pharma), right vs. wrong, the righteous indignation felt over the government's unscrupulous actions, the District Court's failure to remedy, the seeming flaws and brokenness of our criminal justice system - there remains one undeniable truth: I chose this scenario. And I did so with the "tech support" of each of you and all my angels and guides. Indeed, it has been "a brilliant journey of self awakening." I wouldn't trade it for anything - even if I were to lose my appeal. And that's the leap I choose to take as I am reminded of a short video I uploaded when the journey first began (2007): "Today I Woke Up" (by Daniel Votino - my stage name):

In the - seemingly - worst case, should I lose my appeal, I should go home in about a year. I'm prepared to do that, confident that I'll be OK and, because of all your love and support, Karis and Sabby will also. I've been able to do the last 2.5 years with the blessing of all your prayers and support. My prison cell locker is overflowing with letters and postcards from all over the world. I have been held and encouraged along the way by each and every one. Thank you - from the deepest part of my soul.

Recently a dear friend dedicated a song to me and I, in turn, dedicate it to all of you. It is "Even If" by MercyMe:

Big Hugs and All my Love

And for those who can help...

Since I waited so I might share the Judge’s ruling on Daniel’s appeal the funds for supporting his family are at their lowest. If you can send just a small donation at this belated time to help Daniel and his family it will make it all well again.

Any assistance can best be sent through PayPal’s Send Money. When PayPal asks for the email to which your donation is to be sent, simply type (copy & paste does not work) ~ ~ either type:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Some find it even simpler to just click the PayPal logo below:


If you prefer to send your Donation conventionally: USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc. please send it to:

Larry Smith 9208 NE Highway 99, Suite 107-165 Vancouver, WA 98665-8986

This "suite" is simply a type of a post office box - with a street address.

Please Note: It is not possible for Daniel to have his own bank account while in prison ~ that’s why, I his father, receive it for him. To be deposited for Daniel’s and his family’s use it needs to be made out to Larry Smith.

Thank You for Championing Daniel’s Cause

Larry Smith
Daniel’s Father


MMS Saves Lives.


MMS Wiki


G2Voice Broadcast #52: How to Give G2sacraments to Animals and how to make MMS in your home!


Tune in to the G2Voice Broadcast this Sunday, Sept 10 at 10 AM CST on:


G2Seminars in Colombia
English Seminar: September 29th-Oct.1st


We are 3 weeks away from our Genesis II Church ENGLISH Seminar!
Sign up and come to learn how to “take control of your OWN health” and enjoy beautiful Colombia!


The location for our G2 Church Seminars in Rodadero, Colombia has been changed! We had the place “reserved” and “they” notified us that our “reservation” was taken and there are no more! Hahahah! Sound suspicious to anyone? If there was a “call” made to stop us from holding the G2 Seminars then “they” don’t know us! We just keep going no matter the attacks. Let’s just say it was a “administrative mistake” as “they” are saying and we will leave it like that. We secured a new location! It is nicer and only a one minute walking from the beach! Hahahaha!
The rooms are NOT included now but lunch, Sat. and Sun. and snacks are included in the seminar cost of $350.00.
NOTE: The only real change is the cost of the hotel you choose for three nights!
There are 73 Lodgings in Rodadero. You choose where you want to stay. The Seminar is being held at the Hotel Arhuaco which is 179,195 Colombian Pesos per night which is currently, $66.36 a night with Breakfast and taxes included.


We are looking forward to training more health ministers in how to use the G2 Sacramental Protocols. We are seeing so many testiminies coming in monthly now. People can take control of the their own health without relying on the medical industry for the rest of their life! Of course, in case of an emergency you need a hospital's emergency ward, but day to day health can be achieved by:
1. Detoxing the body with the G2 Sacraments of pathogens i.e. bad bacterias, bad viruses, bad over grown fungi and molds, overgrown parasite population, heavy metals, cancers and oxidize other synthetic and artificial compounds causing dis-ease in the body!
2. Minimizing the toxins that are coming into the body.
3. Building up the body's internal complex and efficient defense systems that work in conjunction with the 12 systems of the body with naturally organic foods.

Everyone that is planning to come needs to buy their plane tickets to Santa Marta, Colombia. Rodadero, where the seminar will be held, is 20 minutes from Airport, (SMR).
NOTE: Please register as soon as possible because this helps us to plan the seminar to run more efficiently.
Contact Bishop Joseph at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are looking forward to a great Genesis II Church Seminar in beautiful Rodadero, Colombia! Come and spend a few extra days relaxing before or after the G2 Seminar. There are a lot of things to see here, from the mountains 30 minutes away, to the ocean and Tayrona park. Santa Marta is 15 minutes away and it is over 500 years old!



G2Voice Broadcast #52: How to Give G2 Sacraments to Animals and how to make MMS in your home!


In animals, as with humans, we have learned new things through the on-going use of MMS. It has become more and more obvious that animals and humans react to the healing benefits of MMS in similar ways. Basically, all the same rules apply for animals as well as people when using MMS. That is, if the animal seems to get better with what you are doing, then continue to do what you are doing. Do not change anything. If the animal seems to get sicker with MMS, such as having diarrhea or vomiting, then reduce the dosage you are giving by one half, but do not stop. If you do not see positive results of
any kind within three to four days, you would then go to the next level of protocol. With animals, I suggest less waiting time than with people before going to the next level of the protocol, because normally animals respond (heal) faster than humans. For the most part you can help an animal with MMS pretty much the same as a human. - Jim Humble

Jim Humble’s 3 Golden Rules of MMS for humans is basically the same for animals.

1. If the animal is improving on the dosage you are
giving and/or what you are doing, do not change
what you are doing—as long as you see improve-
ment, keep it up.
2. The same rule applies for animals as for people:
if at any time your animal seems to get sicker on
MMS, reduce the dosage you are giving by 50%.
Once the sickness passes and the animal is OK
with the smaller dosage, you can try to slowly work
back up, but be careful to not make the animal
3. If the animal is not getting better, nor getting
worse on the dosage you are giving, after two or
three days, go to the next higher protocol.

From cancerous tumors to parasites and all in between, Chlorine Dioxide, (activated sodium chlorite), is “restoring health” from all of these dis-eases of humans and animal bodies! All over the world people love their pets and treat them like family. So, to be able to see these animals healthy again without going to the vet is such a wonderful thing! It is also a lot cheaper! We also have farmers who are treating their livestock and having GREAT success! Below, you can see a cat cured of cancer in the eye! We have MANY more testimonies of animals being healed from many different types of health issues.

NOTE: All oral doses of MMS for animals must be calculated according to the weight of the animal.
NOTE: This is mainly dealing with smaller animals like cats and dogs but other animals under 150 pounds you could do the same.
You will need to get a 5-10 ml syringe, (without the needle) for oral dosing. I personally like adding the activated drops to bone broth and the animals love it! You can add MMS to the water also but, they might reject it due to the smell at first so, use a very weak dose to start.

The General Rule is: 1 activated drop per 25 lbs. This is for dealing with animals up to 150 pounds more or less. (For large farm animals, you’d have to contact us). Many have given their small animals under 25 pounds, the 1 drop dose without any problems, BUT if the animal is sick and weighs 10 pounds or so, just start slow with ½ drop. That would mean you would activate 1 drop in a DRY glass, wait for it to turn amber, (usually 30 secs or less), then add 4 ounces of water.
Take out two ounces in a syringe and squirt down the animal’s throat. This would be like doing the Starting Procedure Protocol we do for humans. You use this to start with a healthy animal or an animal that has been diagnosed with a particular disease.
NOTE: If I add the dose to bone broth I usually start with the complete 1 drop dose because the amount of broth can dilute the chlorine dioxide some which is natural so I add a little more. When I put the dose in water I would start with the ½ drop if under 25 lbs.

We have a Protocol for humans called “Protocol 6 & 6” which is a 6-drop dose of Activated MMS i.e. MMS1 every two hours 3-4 times. You can use a stronger dose like this if you are dealing with an animal that is sick. What you would do is
double the 1 drop per 25 pounds and give it 3 time 2 hours apart. A lot of times the animal “snaps” back quickly. Animals amaze me at how they can recover from a mild sickness really quick! If you don’t see a quick recovery in a day or two of doing this then go to the slower method every hour or two for 6 – 8 times a day working up to 1 drop per 25 lbs.
I have 4 “street dogs” I daily help and they are real healthy now! These dogs are all over 25 lbs. I activate 3 drops and then add a little water after turning amber and add to 8 ounces of bone broth and they lick it up! These dogs were just generally skinny and weak and now healthy!

If the Animal Has Been Diagnosed with a Particular Disease
If your animal has already been diagnosed with a
specific disease, such as pneumonia or cancer or any
other disease, you will need to begin slowly i.e. the Starting
Procedure mentioned above. Do it hourly or every two hours 4-8 times a day until well.
NOTE: Remember if the animal is getting diarrhea then, you are going too fast and back down to half as much.
NOTE: Pregnant animals as well as humans can take these protocols without ANY harm to animal fetus or mother.

I have made another form of Chlorine Dioxide called CDS and injected that into many dogs and humans but, we found out it isn’t necessary for “restoring health” among humans or animals.

This week on G2 Voice Broadcast we will cover these topics for animals as well as:

• Skin problems
• Eye problems
• Mouth and teeth problems
• Maintenance dose
• Drinking Water for animals

Below are testimonies from around the world of animals with “restored health” using Chlorine Dioxide.

Eye Cancer cured in 14 days with MMS and DMSO spray and MMS interally.




Video Animal Testimonies

Heart issues, Prostate cancer, Animal illnesses, Chemical and drug detoxing - MMS Testimonials:

Lymphoma, Liver Failure, 3 Dogs - MMS Testimony

Flu or Stomach bug and Dog Ear mites - MMS Testimony


Written Animal Testimonies


"Lil Scot's healing"

It's time to tell of the wonders of MMS and my "Lil Scot" (male Scottish terrier). None of the vets could tell me what was wrong with my dog. He was just sick.
Soon after we started taking MMS," Lil Scot", became very ill. :sick: All together he had seen 3 different vets, had all the tests they could think of do to him (including a $200. blood test to rule out tick fever, x-rays, even a sonogram and sent then everything anyone had ever learned about him to a Medical Specialist Analyst to analyze it all).
No one could tell me how to rid him of his high temps – had been up to 104 and was easy to tell he was very ill. He would hardly eat anything (most times I had to feed him by hand to get him to eat). He would eat eggs, oatmeal, and I hand fed him bread, dipped in oatmeal, just to get something in his stomach. He was on 3 different antibiotics (one so strong that it would tear up his stomach without food), high temps still there.
On Jan 7, 2014 I started him on MMS & DMSO, at ½ drop (13 ml) hourly for 4 days (he improved, but then not so well). Day 5 I decreased his dosage to 3 ml and took away the DMSO and gave it to him every hr. for 8 hrs. I also started putting it in both my dogs water, 25 unactivated MMS drops in a 1/2 gal of water in a closed container, which I change daily. I use distilled water for the internal dosing and reverse osmosis in his drinking water.
He slowly started getting better, each day some improvement. Day 7, temps started going down, eyes got their sparkle back, appetite returning and that wonderful tag wag is back. Day 11, anxious to eat, running, playing, on and on. This is Day 36. Scot is doing GREAT. Temps have run normal (under 102 for last 17 days. His appetite is great, runs, plays, my old Scot is back. - Only thing he still has left is a slight nasal noise – used to be very loud. I am still dosing him, each day, but only 3 ml 3 or 4 times a day and both my dogs will ALWAYS have MMS in their drinking water. I plan on giving him a 2 or 3 ml dose till the slight nasal nose is gone. "God and MMS have healed my Lil Scot".
I am so grateful to all the ones on the forum that have supported me and helped me in the dosing of "Lil Scot". It's so wonderful to know that there are so many people who I have never met, scattered all over the world that care. Thank you to JIM HUMBLE and all my forum friends. What would the world be without you? Be Blessed! I am! God & MMS have healed my "Lil Scot"!
Glenda (Blessed1
United States
Posted : 16-02-2014

Animal cured

My name is Didi I wiuld like to share with the world this MMS miracle which i gave to my dog He had a bad skin disease that left him with no hair only raw skin Having MMS in my cuboured i decided to try it Well i was blown away with the results Within two weeks all his hair had grown back plus he has no itch , i started giving him three drops twice a day and increased it by one so he has been on four drops for the second week He has fully recovered with great health I put the mixture in his meat and he ate it all We were so overwhelmed my husband said if it grew hair back on my dog why wouldn't it grow my hair back So my husband is on it now And i will keep you all informed .

Posted : 03-01-2016

Staph infection in my poodle

Hi there. My poodle/bichon cross was having this repeat infection on his stomach that would very quickly overwhelm his system and turn into big crusty matted lumps. Twice the vet gave him antibiotics which worked okay but the infection was back almost immediately the dose was finished. I used 6 drops mms 6 drops 50% citric acid and 1/4 cup water and bathed the sores three times in one day, The sores had improved a little but on the second day I used 10 drops of dmso with the protocol and by day three they were considerably reduced. It took another five days of wiping with the solution twice a day and they were completely gone. THANK YOU JIM.... I WAS TIRED OF EATING BAKED BEANS TO AFFORD THE VET BILLS! A BIG WAGGING TAIL AND LOVING EYES SAYS THANKS TOO.
New Zealand
Posted : 22-06-2014

Immune Mediated Haemalitic Anaemia

We have a little dog who weighs 4 kg and is a toy poodle/maltese cross. After we bought her we never gave her worming paste or immunisation but looked after all that ourselves. When she was one year old she had a fit and we took her to the vet who after blood tests said she had Immune Mediated Haemolytic Anaemia and probably would not live for another two weeks . He wormed her and suggested cortisone. When we asked what the cortisone would do he said that it would suppresse the immune system. We said we would not give her the cortisone and decided to go home and give her MMS. The vet made an appointment for two weeks and also gave us his home number in case we needed to call him. We gave her 1 drop of MMS and 5 drops of citric acid twice a day with an eye dropper. We could see her getting better every day. When we went back in two weeks she bounded in and the vet said that this was not a sick dog. He took more blood tests and said that everything was renewing (not sure of this as we didn't understand what he meant). When he asked what we did we told him about MMS, his reply - he had heard about it and didn't think it would work and that it must have been the worming. Really!! Really!! Let's worm all the patients in hospital with aplastic anaemia?? She is now 7 years old and has never had any problems since. Thank you, Jim.
Ruth Barker
Posted : 30-05-2014

Baboon attack

One of our farm dogs was attacked by a rogue baboon and suffered some serious bites on his neck and half his scalp being ripped off. we took him to our vets who cleaned the wounds under anaesthetic - they were dubious about his recovery and said I should bnring him back in a few days for some serious stitching up. I took him home and began his treatment - CDS with DMSO hourly. I applied colloidal silver and urine to his scalp wound as they were gentle and not caustic. The healing began within the first day and continued sxteadily - within a week he was completely healed and infection free. I would like to note that he absolutely rejected all the medication provided by the vet and was able to sniff it out no matter how I disguised it with all sorts of treats! He happily lapped up his doses of CDS and DMSO and did not resist at all. I'm sorry I did not take pictures but I am really squeamish and the wounds were quite horrific! So all good and thanks to Jim's wonderful germ fighter! Yvonne Cook, Johannesburg
Yvonne Cook
South Africa
Posted : 29-04-2014

we took 2 of our dogs to be spayed and neutered in October 2013 and came back with a snotty nose.... we treated them with Boi sil and other products and it cleared up... only to find out that a few of them started coughing.then it all cleared..DISTEMPER..and then the neorological effects kicked in. Watching my babies have seizures was beyond me and agonizing torture for me let alone my dogs..(they have all had their vaccines)...We recalled helping a child with a sarcoma (cancer growth ) on his back with DMSO and MMS and it shrank. doing more research on Jim Humbles products, we started my dogs ,all 21 of them on an 8 hour course of MMS every hour every day...thankfully, i had just given up my job so i could be here for all my babies. we subsequently lost 3 dogs from the neurological side effects of this dreaded virus. we have been using MMS for a week now and the improvements in their health is AMAZING. Much less coughing and less nasal disharge.they all up and running again. we started the CDS today Monday 11 November.thank you to Yvonne,and the team in JHB for helping me get onto the CDS and all the extra help!!!!! you are ALL AMAZING people!!!
South Africa
Posted : 11-11-2013

Jazzy's strange disease

The story is about my dog Jazzy that I have rescued when she was 3 months old, from the dog shelter....
She looked pretty skinny and small for her age and also she was quite week on the back legs when walking; plus she was frieghtend of her own shadow, literally.....was so very dificult to walk her.
At that point she had already had to many vaccinations and the diet was definitively not approriate for a canine.
In our care, we gradualy put her on a raw diet and no more vaccinations but within few months the problems started;
One night while she was sleeping on the floor next to our feet we have noticed blood on the tiles....we checked her over just to discover the blood was from her bleeding gums.
Next day at the vet we were told she was deficient in vit K and she got few shots for the next weeks...but this was just the begining of a very bumpy road.
Few months later she started to get itchy and that itchiness increased daily. The vet suggested antinflamatory tablets and stereoids. I refused.
At that point I have taken the problem in my hands and started to research maddly. Oh my God!!! so much confusing information on this net; I felt I was going to loose it.
Found an animal healer but she was very difficult to deal with because was affraid of me "stealing"her "healing secrets'. She wanted to take my dog to her, 2000km away but in the mean time found out she was using grains as well to feed the dogs.
My dog was getting worse by the day. She got to the point of chewing herself to pieces, anywhere where she could reach herself. She was under our supervision 24 hrs a day. Gave up my job and slept next to her ( not much of a sleep or life).
We were desperate!
Went on like this for almost 18 months when I came across of a lady called Pat Mckay who runs the Wholistic animal hospital in Nevada USA. She put Jazzy on some homeopathic treatment, supplements and adjusted her diet...but unfortunately this was still not doing the trick. Some weeks she was good and then suddenly she was erupting in red pimples again and itchiness.
We went on and off like this until she was 3 years old and then I discovered MMS. I wasn't sure about the procedure and had some reservation because of the citric acid..... I gave it to her on and off but not enough to really solve the problem. Like so many of us, I didn't have enough trust and silly me had delayed her recovery......until 2 months ago when the situation become so serious she was dying. She couldn't even go to the toilet because she was in pain.
It started with her limping few months ago;on and off; and then it got serious with her body and face( nose+ eyes) being covered in pimples and itchiness.
At that point I had CDS in the house and I put her on just 6 drops of CDS+3DMSO+1 drop fresh Aloe Vera, every hour for 12-14 hours a day. Also in her food ( raw meat+veggies) I added moringa leaves+ goji berry leaves+ green paw paw with skin and seeds. Within 2 days she was up and walking without limping ( in the evening for few days had a bit of a limp) and now after almost 3 weeks she goes for a bit of a run as well....and wiggles her tail :-) Her skin is clear and no more itchiness.
I believe Jazzy developed LUPUS and now she is on her way to recovery. She will stay on CDS for 12 hrs a day for a while and then will be on maintenance for the rest of her life.
So much trail and error and pain and misery because I didn't trust enough a product that actualy works.
Nothing worked for her, including a good diet. CDS did it!!!!!
The funny thing was that for years I have been promoting Jim's MMS/CDS to all my friends and people I met with health problems but didn't do it proprely with Jazzy. Go and figure?!
Do not make the same mistake. MMS/CDS it does work and I will be for ever grateful to Jim and his team.
A big hug and so much love to you all,
Zoe Nielsen
Posted : 06-10-2013

MMS saved 1 of my dogs TWICE!

My 11yo Lab/Redbone Hound, Mack, was diagnosed with Granulamatosis Menengial Encephilatous (sp?) aka: GME in mid-May. I VERY seriously doubt he would've survived that night, for us to get him to the vet in the morning, were it not for my squirting diluted MMS1 into his mouth several times over the course of the night. (He was in too bad of shape to even raise his head to drink.) My vet's a good guy; and, open-minded; but, has only conventional training. His "solution" was antibiotics and prednizone... (With conventional treatment, the average diagnosis to death time is 8 days for focal GME, which is what Mack has/had/???.) He's too large for me to carry; so, I did intersperse his meds with MMS for the first day. His left hind leg was swollen 3 times its normal size; and, his right leg wouldn't hold him up. I was able to get the swelling down by mixing NFZ, MMS1, and DMSO; and, after washing the leg really well with MMS2 spray, slathering his leg from toes to hip with this mixture, and wrapping it with saranwrap for 12 hours. Once the swelling was gone and he could help me move him, I tossed the pills and started dosing him every hour with MMS1. Progress was slow that 1st day; but, rapid after that. Within about 3 days, Mack was doing better than he had in months. I started scaling back to a maintainance dose of 2 drops twice a day. He was on that until about 4 days ago. I needed to worm him and do heartworm preventative; and, I didn't want to risk Herx'ing him. Also, I had started questioning whether or not he still needed to be on a maintainance dose; and, even if the diagnosis had been correct. I took him off for about 2 days.... BIG MISTAKE; and, one that came all too close to being fatal for him... By Wed. night, he was pretty well comatose. I was having to drizzle diluted MMS1, mixed with a drop of DMSO, across his tongue and gums. He was unconscious and I wasn't even getting reflexive swallowing (I was being careful not to aspirate him.) The only way I even knew that he was still alive was that I could see shallow breathing, by watching his side. I continued doing this for about an hour and a half before he finally opened his eyes and raised his head. Shortly after that, he got up on his own and went outside. He wasn't too steady on his feet; but, he was able to go out and pee with my just "spotting him." We got back inside and I mixed him a dose in broth, which he lapped up. An hour later, I went to get a can of dog food, to mix it into, to see if he'd eat. I turned around and discovered that he'd followed me the 50 yards or so I'd had to go to get the can. (I have a really weird living arrangement out here, due to my home burning to the ground back in Jan.) It's now Fri. night/Sat. morning; and, he's back to moving around normally. I've backed off to dosing him at about 4 hour intervals, with about a 6 hour gap for me to get some sleep; and, I'll be working towards getting him back to 2 drops twice a day; but, barring my finding a way to safely get to the root cause (which is microsporidia in the spinal fluid), he's going to be kept on a maintainance dose the rest of his life. Also, I'm not going to be getting complacent again. This last time, there wasn't any focal swelling that I could see; but, if I'd been asleep (etc.), I'd have been burying Mack on Thurs........ (And, "kicking myself in the butt" even worse than I am now.) Instead, he's laying right outside (where it's cool) and waiting to follow me back to "the micro" (I'm still trying to finish; but, has air conditioning.)
Kathy Renbarger
United States
Posted : 13-07-2013


Infected eyes

My little dog had infected tearduct and her eyes would be blood shot and almost glued together. I had taken her to a Vet and got some salve to put into her eyes. ($ 60 later) After a week there was a little improvment but not a lot. I reseached the web site for eye drops and used 4 activated drops in a half of glass of water. I first tried a couple of drops in my eye to make sure it wouldn't hurt her. Then applied 2 drops of the diluted mixture in each eye 4 or 5 times a day It took a couple of weeks but her eyes have all cleared up and have stayed clear after discontinuing the drops.
Gary Courtney
United States
Posted : 09-02-2013

Kennel Cough

I got a puppy from the humane sociaty that had kennel cough. I took her to the vet where she was diagnosed,given antibiotics and cough syrup. Almost $200.00 later,she evenually recovered.
6 months or so went by and her cough returned. I gave her MMS. In only one dose her coughing had almost stopped.I kept giving her doses ( 2 drops 3 times a day in her mouth )for about a week. It has been over 3 years and her cough has not returned. I have used MMS for many years with fantastic results !!!!!!!
Gina Helderlein
United States
Posted : 29-01-2013

Gum growth and infection in dog

My 12 year old dog had surgery to remove a huge gum overgrowth (epilis) that had overgrown her tooth. After the surgery the site was not healing postop and looked badly inflammed and after a time another growth was forming in the same spot. Instead of taking her back to the vet i decided to try mms. I applied mms to her affected area with a soft toothbrush for a few days and was surprised to find that not only had the inflammation gone away but the new growth had completely vanished. When you look in her mouth there is no sign of anything wrong. Its completely normal
Posted : 11-11-201


Hello from Holland,
Our rabbit is a so-called fox-rabbit, who have an approximate expected lifetime of 6-7 years tops. The veterinarians always tell you to have the rabbit vaccinated every year to avoid the "standard" parasite e.culiculi, although it regularly happens that those who did get the shot, will get the parasite anyway.

Our rabbit never had the vaccine, and got the parasite at the age of 9 (nine!) and was treated with antibiotics by the vet. It all went fine until he started vomiting a while later. Several vets told us that it was impossible for a rabbit to vomit, however a few people had witnessed this repeatedly. The treating vet told us there was nothing she could do, and that we should be very pleased for the rabbit to have lived that long.
At home I started giving him MMS according to his weight, 3 times a day. Within 24 HOURS he was back on his feet and energetic as in his younger years! This happened 6 months ago, and he is still alive and kicking as we speak!
Many warm greetings,
Posted : 08-10-2012

MMS and My Cats

I am a veterinary nurse in UK. I have used conventional medicines in my work and on my own animals. They have mostly worked, but are very expensive and some have a high cost to the animals in side-effects, some do not work. My Dad put me onto MMS a few years back. I have used it on myself, to which it has worked well. Colds and other viral and bacterial conditions were dealt with. However, there is always the thing of 'mind over matter' or 'coincidence' that I got better. I then used it on my cats. One in particular is a nervous little soul, always has been. Bullied by the others and struggles with illness when he gets ill. I have 4 cats who are all mainly healthy (I DO NOT vaccinate them ever), but Peter suffers more than the others. I have tried MMS on him 4-5 times now and each time he got better within 2 days completely. He had a mouth abscess the last time and within 2 days, it was gone. He was bouncing around the garden once more! Absolutely amazing.
United Kingdom

Parvo Cured

A few years ago a stray female dog began hanging around our property and eventually had a batch of puppies. Before too long several of those puppies developed symptoms of Parvo, the deadly, hardly curable disease that kills many young dogs every year.
I had some MMS on hand and mixed three drops with lemon juice to activate it, then mixed it with water and forced the puppies to swallow it-- one of the symptoms of parvo is that the infected dog won't eat or drink, so you have to hold the dogs head back, ease the nozzle of a plastic bottle into their mouths and let it trickle down their throat until they swallow.
The dogs don't like it for sure, however I have seen several puppies cured from Parvo by the use of MMS in this way. I have gone through two batches of puppies like that and have seen four of them saved from death by MMS. Often times, its already too late by the time the dog shows symptoms, sometimes you can't get them to swallow enough before they wander off to die, but its always worth a shot and makes you feel better knowing you've done what you can to ease a poor dog's suffering. My sister works at a Veternarian Clinic and tells me that it is still hard for them to cure Parvo with the very expensive system of treatment that they use, so using MMS to treat Parvo is a good step in the right direction.
United States
Posted : 16-09-2012


Cured Cat Eye Herpes

My cat had crusty eyes all the time. The vet would prescribe ointment for her eyes when it got bad but other than that she said there wasn't anything they could do. It was a form of herpes in the cat's eyes, probably passed on from the mom cat. I had to wipe her eyes with a damp cloth every day.

I mixed one drop of activated MMS with water and squirted it in her mouth daily. She didn't like it, but she didn't throw it up either. Within 2 weeks her eyes cleared up and remained clear for the rest of her life. Sadly she passed away a year later from old age, but I'm glad she didn't have crusty, weepy eyes anymore!
Elgin, IL
Posted : 21-07-2012

Ear Infection In Dog

My dog is about 13 years old. He has some kind of tumor on his right side. Its not an open wound, but it looks like a golf ball under his fur, well maybe not quite that big. He also has another tumor or growth of some kind on his front leg. It looks like a penis. Neither of these seem to bother the dog, however, a couple days ago I noticed he was tilting his head to one side quite often, so I took a flashlight and looked into his ear. It has some kind of infection, its all full of pus and smells bad as well. The other ear is fine. I sprayed colloidal silver in his ear, and kind of worked it in there before he shook his head from side to side. I tried to give him a capsule of oil of oregano, but he kept spitting it out. I finally took an eye dropper, and opened his mouth enough to squirt some in. He didn’t care for the taste. That was all done yesterday. Then last night, I did the same with some activated MMS. He does not care for the taste of that either, but he took it. Today I put a 00 capsule with 8 drops MMS with 35 drops of citric acid in a piece of banana, and gave it to him. That tricked him. I also mixed some colloidal silver with some oil of oregano in a small squirt bottle and sprayed some in his infected ear.
I know dogs make their own Vitamin C, so between that and the oil of oregano, and the MMS for back up, I’m hoping his infection gets cleared up.
I did put some activated MMS into his infected ear. However, I dilluted it so it would not burn his ear. I also put a couple ounces of colloidal silver in his water dish each day, and although its only been a few days, he is doing alot better. The pus is all gone, and so is the bad smell. He is back to his old regular self, so I will just keep an eye on him for awhile. I might use some 3% hydrogen peroxide as B suggests, if necessary.
Thanks for all the comments and helpful suggestions. He is an old mutt, but I love’m. I have a feeling that MMS may add some years to his life, and for that I thank Jim Humble. ….PBD

Yes, he appears to be completely healed, and I gotta tell you, his ear was gross. It looked awfull and smelled even worse. After a couple doses of MMS, his ear is fine. I am using some 3% hydrogen peroxide as per your suggestion just to clean it out. PBD.
Arrow Durfee
Posted : 01-07-2012


My Pregnant Doe Rabbit's Head Shaking is now Better

Hi everyone,
I want to thank whoever made CDS for the health of my animal today. She is a pregnant Doe. For some reason, this morning her head would just not stop shaking. It was shaking up and down. I thought it was the heat, so I cooled down the room as soon as possible, to make it even cooler. But her symptoms did not stop. I was so worried. I didn't have money to get her to the vet. No vets would take her without money. Also, her regular vet was too "busy" with other animals. This is the same runaround that i got from most of the vets I called. I thought I was going to lose her. I read some things that I thought it might be, hypocalcemia? , or some sort of head tilt? Or maybe it was an extreme ear infection. I do not know.
But what I did was two things, I gave her a 1/4 teaspoon of blackstrap molasses. It has magnisium, calcium, and iron. Thankfully she took it. Then , even though i was very worried about her pregnancy, and her kits, i gave her 1 drop of CDC in water. From what i know the 1 drop of CDC is much more mild, as it takes 3 drops to equal 1 drop of MMS. It wasnt too long after that her head stoped shaking! And I don't know if it was the CDC or the Blackstrap mollasses, or a combitnation, but she seems a lot better now. I am very thankful for natural and alternative means of doing things. Thanks
United States
Posted : 09-08-2015

Boston Terrier Cured of Pneumonia in 5 hours!

I left for work on a Thursday and was called by my wife at 11am and told my dog was very sick and could not breath or even hold his head up, he looked as though he was going to die. I took him to the vet and they gave me antibiotics for him but said it would take a week or so for him to show signs of getting better. I went home and read about the protocol for dogs. I mixed MMS and gave him 3ml in a syringe. After one hour I noticed the green stuff coming out of his nose was clear. After two more hours and two more 3ml doses he was able to breath normal and go out to the bathroom on his own. By 10pm that evening he was eating and looked 100 times better. I gave him one more 3ml dose and put him to bed with the other dogs. By the morning he was fine and resumed chasing rabbits and playing with the other dogs. It was a miracle cure for him. I gave the other dogs a prophylactic dose and neither got ill. My daughters dog came down with the same virus and after much persuasion she allowed me to give her dog just two 2 ml doses and by the next morning he was fine.
Thank you Jim!
Jim Carson
Posted : 29-06-2012

Cancer cured in Dog. ( Lymphoma)

Dear folks at MMS,
I've got incredibly good news!
Our dog was CURED of CANCER within 5 days using a combination of MMS and Amygdalin (Vitamin B17)! We found a tumor, Lymphoma (size of a ping pong ball) on her throat (neck) last Thursday, 23rd June. By Monday the 27th the tumor was completely dissolved. Throughout the cure she was active, happy and alert instead of suffering the pains of conventional chemo-therapy that the doctors recommended. Indeed we proved what John Armstrong (of Auto Urine therapy) wrote: curing cancer is child-play!
I started her with 1:5 drops of MMS and administered the activated solution with a small portion of her raw food every 2 hours during the day. She\'s been on a raw food diet without grains for the past 8 years. I managed to increase the dosage up to 10 drops and maintained it until she refused to eat her food. The last dose was given to her mixed with DMSO rubbed into her skin this past Monday. I also gave her 4 x 100 mg of Amygdalin wrapped in some cold cut meat pieces between the MMS dosages during the day.
She never felt sick during the treatment yet she had been vomiting all over the place for weeks before we detected the tumor last Thursday. The tumor began declining consistently until it disappeared altogether within days. I stopped her MMS intake and resumed feeding her the raw food (raw meat & veggies, w/ cold pressed oils and ground egg shells) in small portions. Her appetite is good. In order to keep the cancer away, I\'m planning to continue MMS with a reduced dosage (3:15) once a day with 500 mg of Amygdalin also once a day every 2 or 3 days.
I\'m playing by ear with these protocols and am adjusting to the dog\'s acceptance and response but I\'d appreciate your expert comments or advice on how to proceed from now on. We thank you for the MMS solution.
We praise God and give Him the glory for His wonderful, inexpensive and safe solutions that He had designed for a world without cancer.
Blessings to Mr Humble and all his staff.
Posted : 29-06-2012


Fish and Fish Tank

My daughters pet stingray had a problem with it's disk being eaten from the outside edge. I activated a 2 drop solution, once a day, sometimes twice. It stopped the problem and the disk is healing, I now add drops every day or two.
Posted : 29-06-2012


Skin Condition in Dog


I have been suffering along with the neighbor's autistic son's horribly disturbing agitation, screaming, yelling, crying, banging, stomping and noisy insomnia for 4 years . Suddenly the child is 97% content and quiet. I found out that they are using MMS and bought some for myself. I am trialing it on my dog's skin condition by spraying topically and by dosing their drinking water. I have found it to be a perfect deoderant and tonight I got some flea bites from an infested basement area which were burning and stinging. This went away immediately after spraying with the 40 gtts / 4 ounces solution. WOW i am going to start oral dosing myself tomorrow.
heather guidi
bocas del toro
Bocas del Toro
Posted : 11-05-2017


Parsites in dog

Hi Jim, I have been using MMS as a for full worming regime for my dogs for about four years with complete success.
Keep up the good work.
Ross Allan
Struck Oil


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