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Autism update

We have some more wonderful news about MMS & Autism!

Here is a letter I received from Kerri working with children with autism. I thought you’d like to read it.

“Well, the past 3 months I have been a busy girl. We visited my good friend Jim Humble the middle of February which was a dream come true. At that time I had about 130+ kids on MMS. Afterwards, we had a conference in Puerto Rico on the biomedical approaches used in recovering children from autism. Directly from Puerto Rico I went to Venezuela where everybody was very excited about MMS and the possibilities of recovering from autism with only pennies a day. While in Venezuela I was able to teach 4 doctors the protocols that I use in my clinic, and share my presentation on the use of MMS for Autism Spectrum Disorders at a conference which 750 people attended. It was a very exciting time to say the least! In the days after the conference I was able to consult 176 families on individual biomedical protocols for their children, including MMS.


Since the conference, there has been much more interest in MMS in Latin America. In particular, I have many families who I help in Spain. I guess word got out, and one of the 2 doctors treating autism in Spain contacted me and asked me to share my protocol with her. The good news is that she is going to use it. Her idea is to apply it as an antifungal for Candida. However, MMS knows no boundaries and will kill all other pathogens at the same time. So, quite frankly, it is of little consequence what she believes she is doing with it, she will be doing far more than she even knows. Combining MMS with diet and hopefully only a few supplements, this doctor should be able to recover some of her kids. Financially speaking, when doctors like her start seeing results they will in turn get more patients and more patients mean more money. So, results coupled with money are a win win situation, and in turn humanity wins as we all grow healthier.

I hope to do a free conference in Spain before year’s end about the biomedical approach to recovering children with autism and autism spectrum disorders. I know that another doctor is using MMS in Italy. Maybe Europe will lead the way to getting MMS into the mainstream biomedical treatments and then the USA will follow. The doctors treating children in the USA with autism are under close watch by the FDA. Anything too "alternative" could cost someone their license. And these people have their own families to feed. So, they have to walk a very fine line. It is sad to see. Because what these special doctors want for their patients with autism whom they are trying to heal is the fastest recovery possible. And if it could be fast and inexpensive these doctors would be happy as well. Unfortunately they have such strict guidelines that it makes doing what they do difficult. Hopefully we could do a double blind study using MMS and autism. I think it would be easy to measure the difference.

On a practical note, many of the parents who have their children on MMS take MMS themselves, frequently out of a necessity to heal some immune issues. They will ask me "Can I take MMS too? I have X". I always refer to a protocol from Jim's course, and without fail within the first week I receive an email with some kind of miraculous story as to how "my fibromyalgia went away" "my husband's sense of smell came back" "my shingles went away" "my Mother's diabetes is under control". These and more stories have come from the families of a child with autism. It goes without saying that the affected child is doing much better and having all sorts of firsts of his/her own.

At minimum there are 400+ children on the Autism Spectrum improving steadily, thanks to the help of MMS. These are in addition to all of the other children that these doctors are seeing and treating with MMS. The total including family members could be easily above 1000. The future is bright now that many more healers/doctors have the information on MMS and the knowledge of how to use it. I believe that people like these who see many, many children are an important link that will bridge the gap between "alternative" medicine and "allopathic" medicine, finally bringing MMS to the mainstream. I hope that we have in our hands the missing piece of the autism puzzle, because it sure seems to look that way. Two more children in March lost their diagnosis from autism, which makes a total of 5 children to lose their diagnosis since I began recommending MMS in August of 2010. Not all have recovered. But all are better than they were, and that is a great place to start.

As for now, I receive over 100 emails a day from people using my protocol for MMS. Sometimes we increase the dose, decrease or stay the same. We do protocols that other families and I have developed that add enemas and other elements of timing for the oral administration. The newest protocol that is getting lots of attention is the 72/2. It is a dose of MMS every 2 hours for 72 hours without resting in the night time. So, one parent wakes up every two hours and administers a dose of MMS. We have seen remarkable improvements with the 72/2. Another new protocol is the 12/2. It is taking MMS for 12 days straight then resting 2 days. This way the pathogens living in the gut will expose themselves during the two day rest, and then we hit them with another 12 days of MMS. Using this method we gradually extinguish all pathogens until none remain. When we heal the gut we cure the autism. The MMS enemas have also led to marked improvements for children on the spectrum. The families doing enemas are seeing more language and in general having less conduct issues and a lessening of stereotypical behaviors. When trying these new protocols or any MMS protocols it is a good thing to work in a team situation. Someone like myself, for example or another person who has used MMS knows when and how to avoid Herxheimer's (die-off) reactions and what they look like. Many times the road to recovery is paved with discomfort, but in the end, it will have all been worth it. Autism means that your child has virus, bacteria, Candida, inflammation, heavy metals and food allergies. Allopathically speaking, you would have to take a drug store to kill all these pathogens, but will MMS, all you need is a little drop of what my husband calls "holy water" and recovery is on its way.

I think to myself that MMS and autism recovery are in their infancy together and wonder where we will be in 25 years. Will we finally, openly acknowledge what is causing the autism epidemic and stop it? Will we all use MMS to cure it? Will we all be hiding our rations of MMS from the authorities who say that we cannot use MMS? The last thought gives me the chills, a harmless oxidizer, yet at the same time potent enough to cure autism? It's possible to think that it might be held out of a mother's reach when she needs to heal her child from this devastation. Let's try not to let this happen, and get everyone we know on MMS. Healing humanity begins with me and begins with you. We can do it. But we need to do it together”.


Best wishes,

Kerri Rivera

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As always with love,

Bishop Jim Humble

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