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March 20, 2011


Staph and MRSA, which is an antibiotic resistant variety of staph, have been dramatically increasing over the past few years. Genesis II members and MMS users should know about MRSA and how to handle it with MMS. When medical doctors are unsuccessful treating MRSA with antibiotics, they amputate. MMS will kill MRSA. Up to 30% of us have staph in our noses and that can start a staph infection at any time. Over 19,000 people die from Staph infections each year in the U.S. and it is equally bad all over the world. MRSA now kills more people each year than AIDS.

STATISTICS: If you get MRSA, you have somewhere between 11% and 80% chance of dying. Eleven percent is bad enough, but 80% is outrageous. The 80% figure is what happens if MRSA goes untreated. The 11% figure is what happens if you have the weakest strain of staph and you get standard medical treatment. Different kinds of Staph (there are approximately a dozen) have different fatality rates, but all staph can kill and most staff is now MRSA and resistant to antibiotics.

SYMPTOMS: A MRSA infection begins with flu-like symptoms. Symptoms may include high fever, nausea, vomiting, rash on hands and feet, muscle aches, headaches, shaking chills, swelling, severe pain, as well as:


Blood poisoning,

Septic shock (wide spread infection causing organ failure),

Septic Arthritis (severe joint problems),

Osteomyelitis (bone marrow infection),


Pneumonia, and

Endocarditis (infection of the Heart lining).

The most common infections are in the skin such as boils, abscesses (pus under the skin), sties (eye infections), carbuncles, cellulitis (infection in the skin), and impetigo (skin blisters).

CHURCH HEALING: Do not leave any of these symptoms untreated. If you live near a Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, you can be healed for free by our health ministers. Our cleansing water (MMS) used with our sacraments is about 99% effective. Our church heals for free and gives all sick people the healing water for free. You can donate after you are well, if you wish.

MMS SELF-HEALING: If you do not have access to a Genesis II health minister or a Genesis II Church, you can purchase MMS from many different web sites selling MMS for water purification purposes. It is all the same solution and can be used as described below.

Step one to treating any MRSA or staph infection is to start the sick person on MMS Protocol 1000. Protocol 1000 is having the sick person take 3 drops of activated MMS every hour for 8 hours a day. The MMS must always be activated with one drop of 50% citric acid for each drop of MMS. If the sick person becomes sicker from taking the MMS, then give him or her less MMS the next hour. Prevent the sick person from becoming sicker by giving less and less MMS, but give hourly doses even if it is only ½ drop per hour. As soon as the person being treated can take more, give more, but only up to 3 drops per hour. See protocol 1000 at Eliminating MRSA can take from 1 week to two months, but usually only takes a couple of weeks. The most important treatment for MRSA follows.

Step two: Killing the MRSA using chlorine dioxide gas: Chlorine dioxide gas is probably the most effective antimicrobial agent known. It thoroughly destroys the MRSA bacteria on contact. Use a transparent drinking glass and you will be able to watch the gas penetrate the surface of the skin and melt the pus into a watery liquid. The liquid drains out of the hole that is left in the skin. Hold the affected area of skin so that the liquefied pus can run out. The hole heals quickly without a scar on young people, but leaves a scar in older people.
Obtain a clear drinking glass or container with the mouth big enough to fit over the boil or affected area of skin. Fit the glass over the main area and use a smaller glass for smaller boils. Before fitting the glass over the boil or ruptured area (or area that looks like a spider bite) put 6 drops of MMS and 6 drops of 50% citric acid in the glass and agitate it to mix the two liquids. Then immediately place the mouth of the glass over the area. Do not wait. Place it immediately. Maintain the body in a position so that the glass does not have to be upside down. You do not want the liquid to touch the skin. The glass should be turned no more than directly sideways. Observe as the glass fills with yellow chlorine dioxide gas. This gas will slowly penetrate into the skin area with MRSA and turn the pus to a watery solution. If you use a clear glass you can see this happen. It causes no pain. DO NOT KEEP THE GLASS IN PLACE FOR LONGER THAN 5 MINUTES UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. If you hold the glass in place longer than 5 minutes it will begin to burn the skin and will take much longer to heal. Do not burn the skin.

If your first application does not completely destroy the MRSA, you can wait 4 hours and do it again. Do not do it again immediately, as you will burn the skin and cause a worse condition. Doing it again right away does not give the skin time to recover and it is the same as leaving the glass in place a longer time and causes a burn.
Do the same 5 minute process for all areas of the skin that show MRSA evidence. It is best to cover each area with Vaseline and a bandage once treated. The Vaseline prevents any bacteria or other germs from getting to the area to cause more infection. Another option is to spray the treated area with the 10 activated drops MMS per ounce of water solution several times per day.

Other data and safety: The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing treats people free of charge in over 45 different countries of the world. MMS has been used by more than 5 million people. It does not destroy beneficial bacteria and does no damage to the body. It is not considered poisonous by the US Government EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). The US FDA speaks out against chlorine dioxide but authorizes its use on food products before they go to market. Everyone living anywhere in the US has eaten food processed with chlorine dioxide in similar quantities to those used by MMS users to detoxify their bodies and let the bodies heal their diseases.

About MMS: MMS is created from the chemical sodium chlorite. It generates chlorine dioxide when citric acid (a food acid) is mixed with it. In the body, the outer membrane (skin) of pathogens is more than 1000 time less thick than body organ walls such as the walls of the intestines. This thin outer membrane of the pathogens which is actually less than 1/10,000 of an inch thick is easily destroyed by the weak solution of chlorine dioxide, which of course is MMS. This weak solution has no effect on the walls of the various organs of the body which are all thousands of times thicker than the pathogens’ skin. For more complete details of this and all the data in this paper see my new book to be released next week at ,“Master Mineral Solution of the 3rd Millennium”.

This white paper is a Technical Bulletin Written by Bishop Jim Humble and provided to the public as a service of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. Please save this paper in a safe place, as it provides the latest updates in MMS technology. It saves lives.

As Always With Love,
Bishop Jim Humble

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Jim Humble and Tiger

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