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G2Voice Broadcast #153 - What is Lyme disease,

how to cure it and the Protocol 2000

Sunday, Aug. 18th




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What is Lyme disease,

how to cure it and the Protocol 2000



What is Lyme disease, how to cure it and the Protocol 2000

Have you ever been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, Parkinson, ALS, Lupus, Alzheimers or anxiety and have been put on antidepressants and sent to a Psychiatrist for help? Well, maybe you don't have any of those dis-eases; maybe you have Lyme Disease.

What Is Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease refers to illnesses transferred by insects. Although many still attribute transmission exclusively to ticks, according to Dr. Deitrich Klinghardt, one of the leading authorities on Lyme disease, the bacteria can also be spread by other insects, including mosquitoes, spiders, fleas, and mites.
And now, further complicating the picture, a study published this January cotends that Lyme disease may be sexually transmitted. It shows that the Lyme pathogen, Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb), has been found in both male and female sexual secretions, raising the question of whether people are at risk through intimate contact.
Bb is one of only six known spirochete bacteria, named for their coiled spiral shape. (One of the six is the bacterium responsible for syphilis.)

Ticks are blood suckers, and prefer dark, crevices such as your armpit or behind your ear, or your scalp. Once it attaches itself and starts feeding on your blood, it will at some point "spit" its bacterial load into your blood stream. If it carries an infectious organism, the infection will spread to you via this salivary emission.
Common side effects of tick bites include an itchy "bull's eye" rash, pain, fever, and inflammation. Symptoms of Lyme disease typically start out with unrelenting fatigue, recurring fever, headaches, and achy muscles or joints.

The disease may progress to muscle spasms, loss of motor coordination, and even intermittent paralysis, meningitis, or heart problems. they're typically more superficial, affecting the larger joints. When the microbes and the associated immune reactions are situated in the connective tissue, the infection presents as a "vague, dispersed pain," which oftentimes ends up being misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia by conventional doctors.

Lyme disease, just as syphilis was, is also known as "the great imitator," as it mimics many other disorders, including multiple sclerosis (MS), arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, ALS, MS, ADHD, and Alzheimer's disease.

History of Lyme Disease
Lyme Disease is a crippling, horrific disease. It can rob its victims of memory, concentration, sleep and vision. It can cause nerve damage, pain, numbness and paralysis.

Lyme disease was first reported in the United States in the town of Old Lyme, Connecticut, in 1975.

Lyme disease is caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi. Deer ticks feed on blood. So essentially they feed on animals and human blood and therefore spread the disease.

Where did Lyme Disease come from? Your Government?

The ones we have placed our trust to protect us. I'm sorry to announce this, but they are not. As I stated, the first case of Lyme Disease was found in Old Lyme, CT in 1975. Well, are you aware that there is a biological testing facility named Plum Island Animal Disease Center not even 10 miles from Old Lyme and it has a tick research lab? Of course it's covered as a research facility studying animal diseases, but none the less, it's there.

Not enough of a connection? Well, let me put the pieces of the puzzle together for you.

Plum Island recruited Nazi, Erich Traub. Now this man is interesting, he worked directly under Hitler and, in all honesty, should have stood trial at Nuremberg for the horrible, brutal acts he committed, but was brought to the U.S. during Project: Paperclip - the exfiltration of approximately 2,000 Nazis out of Germany by OSS and CIA directors for service to American intelligence and industries. Mr. Traub was a top biological weapons industry director. His expertise was infecting ticks and mosquitoes with biological germs.

Now you tell me, what does that have to do with an Agricultural Lab?

It is said that the Island let the creatures roam the island, somewhat contained. Boats, birds and people went in and off that Island. The possibility of an insect or tick going ashore with one of them is hard to ignore as Lyme Disease formed its name from the area first discovered, Old Lyme, Connecticut which is, like I said, 10 miles away by water.

A Must Read
Lab 257: The Disturbing Story of the Government's Secret Germ Laboratory



That's all for the bad news. Now, the good news! No matter where it came from and what it does to the body, the Genesis II Church sacraments can eliminate it from the body! Here are some testimonies we have received from many more.

Video Testimonies

1. Lyme disease : https://www.bitchute.com/video/sOVxu4WaWqKR/

2. Lyme disease - https://www.bitchute.com/video/1VqgRE0oIBo3/

3. Lyme disease - https://www.bitchute.com/video/Rq0tyaG0jhSu/

4. Lyme disease -  https://www.bitchute.com/video/T09hM7ctG503/

Written Testimonies

1. Hi,
I have been using MMS with some success for Lyme Disease and the form of it called Morgellons. Morgellons is a Lyme disease skin condition. It effects all the organs and the entire body as well.
Currently, I am having success in getting better, while I am not one hundred percent, I am on the way.
This protocol is great because the entire fiasco since it started nearly 4 years ago has not only been a nightmare but also is highly infectious.
Further, MMS is not expensive, and this man-made illness has crippled my finances, because it involves not only the body, but the living space, bed linens, clothing, air, car, family members, etc.
Thanks for all you do. Paula Gallo

2. I am writing to declare the success I am having using mms to defeat my Lyme disease. I contracted Lyme 2 years ago from an insect bite. At the time I was bitten, I knew nothing about Lyme disease. Since being bit, I started to get weird things happening to my body. Little did I know that they were all symptoms of Lyme. I am a fairly, healthy person, so it took a while before it got a strong hold on my immune system. Last march I got what I thought was the flu. It was the worst flu I had ever gotten in my life. I hurt from every pore of my body. I began to take Echinacea but it didn't help. Since I had mms in the house I decided to give it a try. Well that did the trick! I felt well again within a short time. I stopped taking it since I seemed to be back to my old self. After a couple of days, the symptoms came back and that's when I realized that I was dealing with some other illness and not the flu. It took a lot of investigative work to discover that I had Lyme disease. My medical doctor was absolutely no help at all. In fact, she was a hindrance. I went online and used a symptom checker and it indicated I probably had MS or Lyme. Since the mms was helping, I began using it again, and researched as much as I could on how to treat my symptoms. I began protocol 2000. I also contacted a naturopathic doctor in my city for support. To my great surprise, she supported using mms. She recommended using mms in an enema which helped a lot. I am using mms2 as well. Both protocols work well together. If it were not for mms I believe I would be in the hospital fighting for my life right now. My symptoms were severe and the pain was horrible. MMS is a miracle in my opinion!
Brenda Barber

3. 100% Cures! I can vouch for MMS itself first-hand. It cured my chronic Lyme disease. I have meticulously documented my usage on YouTube and have over 44,000 channel views: www.youtube.com/not2bforgot10. I took MMS for 3 months, 8 hours per day, every single day and was tested before and after. My actual test results can be viewed on my Wordpress blog: not2bforgot10.wordpress.com under 6/17/12: "MMS - Magical Mineral Solution LYME DISEASE test results from IGENIX." I have been on Awakenings radio and am a writer, aspiring author, speaker, and wellness coach. I am an avid Facebook blogger: www.facebook.com/emilyannecox and would love for you to subscribe to my channel and blogs. This product will cure Lyme disease, HIV, herpes, malaria, the flu, etc. It really works!

Emily A. Cox
Author, Speaker, Coach
More testimonies of restoration of health from Lyme are found at: http://mmstestimonials.is/lyme-disease

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More people are writing and recording their testimonies about what the Genesis II Church sacramental protocols are doing in their lives!

Let's change the world together!
Archbishop Mark S. Grenon

MMS Saves Lives.



G2Voice Broadcast #153 - What is Lyme disease,

how to cure it and the Protocol 2000

Sunday, Aug. 18th




Let’s change the world together!

Bishop Mark S. Grenon




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