Apology: Important and Vital Notice regarding CDS and CDH

I am Archbishop Jim Humble and I would like to apologize for a big mistake which I have made. This is in reference to a recent MMS Newsletter that went out concerning MMS1/CDS/CDH.

Here is the background:

In recent years there were some new advances in the technology of MMS and they were very good. I am sure many of you know about them as they have been around for some time now. They are called CDS and CDH. Thousands of people have found both CDS and CDH very useful for dozens of uses and they are found to be useful with most of the protocols of the Genesis II Church.

However, an important occurrence that many of us who are experienced with MMS noticed was that when MMS1 (activated MMS) is used by mixing each individual dose fresh and drinking the dose within a minute or two of mixing, this overall is when the best results have been achieved. This means better results than mixing up an all day bottle, or using either CDS or CDH. This phenomenon was noticed by many of us who collectively have worked with tens of thousands of people.

So, I decided to do a series of tests to find out what makes MMS more effective when used in single doses mixed and taken within about one minute. My tests showed that CDS dropped to zero the minute I put it in simulated stomach acid. I then checked CDH in the same way and it also dropped to zero in stomach acid. I showed this action to several people and the results were always the same. CDS and CDH both dropped to zero in stomach acid. Because of these tests, I allowed the newsletter I am referring to regarding MMS1, CDS and CDH to go out. As a result, then several chemists and others showed me that I was wrong. I discovered that my original testing method was faulty, and the test equipment that I was using was not designed for the acid. In redoing the tests I came to find out that CDS and CDH do not drop to zero in stomach acid after all. (Drop to zero means, “become neutralized and ineffective.”) So this is my first apology for which I am really sorry.

My second and biggest apology and mistake is this: Basically, I overlooked one of healing’s most important rules, “when you are improving do not change anything.” The world has been improving using all forms of MMS—MMS1, CDS, CDH. We were and are getting good reports of people getting well using all three, MMS1, CDS/CDH, with the various protocols. I made the mistake of allowing a Newsletter go out saying that we could no longer approve of using CDS and CDH for internal use with our Genesis II Church Protocols. This was the result of what happened in apology # 1 above. I know, I know, how could I have been so dumb? In part, it is the result of being so busy and having a lot on my plate to accomplish in a short amount of time—but that is no excuse. This caused a lot of stir around the world in the MMS communities for which I am sorry. This is extremely embarrassing, and I am extra sorry for anyone who may have quit using CDS or CDH at a critical time.

Now, I would like to say—we would like to have all of our websites, forums and so forth set up and running perfectly. We would like to have our newsletters go out letter perfect and with absolutely no mistakes. This takes time, and we are greatly understaffed, therefore there are times when things slip by, and in a less than perfect state. Hopefully such mistakes will not be a thing of the future, but I am thankful that at least we can correct the mistakes when brought to my attention, which is what I am doing here.

Another very important point I would like to share with everyone is this: MMS is not a one size fits all matter. There are many factors that play in to one getting well with MMS. Some time ago, Mark Grenon put out something on 29 Reasons Why MMS Does Not Work. We could probably at some point put out something on various factors that might help determine whether one should use MMS1 or CDS, or CDH—down the road and with more input from various users around the world, maybe that will happen one day. But for now, it is important to note there are many factors that weigh in and every case is not necessarily the same for one reason or another. It is therefore important that each person who wants to take responsibility for their own health and use MMS, follow the protocols correctly, and along with this, that they listen to their own body and follow what their body is telling them.

I continue to receive many emails daily from people asking for guidance on how to treat their disease, and I receive a lot of feedback. In addition, traveling around the world and meeting people and hearing their testimonies have been phenomenal. This, coupled with feedback from major MMS players, Ministers of Health who are out in the field and helping hundreds, and some thousands of people with MMS. As I mentioned above, over the last two years we have noticed a pattern, and that is that overall MMS1, when mixed fresh and taken immediately and used hourly seems to get better results than CDS and CDH. But having said that, please understand there is a little more to it. For a number of years before CDS and CDH came along we also came to realize that MMS1 worked better when mixing individual doses rather than mixing up an all-day bottle to drink from hourly. This is why I conducted my tests in the first place. I was trying to find out what makes MMS1 individual doses more effective.

Now, I want to make clear here, that this does not mean CDS and CDH are not effective, and in some cases may be more effective. For example, if someone cannot get down MMS1, but CDS is more palatable, better take CDS! In that particular case and for that person, CDS is more effective. I have come to the conclusion that we cannot just put MMS into an exact box.

We had a report about a woman who had stage 4 cancer throughout her body. She did not want to take the conventional medical route, neither did she want to take MMS. Finally her husband gave her an ultimatum and she, though reluctantly, started on MMS. She did not really work up to proper dosing for cancer, in fact, she stayed on very low doses, like 1/4 drop an hour and she missed some of her dosing at that. Her next doctor visit revealed that her tumors were shrinking, the doctor was surprised and told her “Whatever you are doing keep it up!” Now, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this to a stage 4 cancer victim, and I pretty much like to emphasize to stick to the protocols and follow them diligently. But the point is, you can’t always be bound either. Even a little bit of MMS, what most would consider not adequate doses for stage 4 cancer, did wonders for this woman. Why? I do not know, if we had the time to do thorough studies of this woman’s habits, diet, etc., perhaps something would be revealed. (Again, I would not recommend this low dosing for a cancer victim, and another might follow this woman’s example and not get well).

So when taking MMS for health recovery, the bottom line is you have to follow the protocols, but you have to listen to your body as well. We state this in the protocols, teaching people how to adjust their own dosing according to how their body is reacting—for example, if you begin to feel sick, get diarrhea, or vomit, cut back your dosing and build back up slowly. If nothing is happening, you are not progressing, go on to the next level—if you will listen to what your body is telling you and you can always know how much MMS1, CDS or CDH to be taking. I have stated often, “If you are getting good results, the most important thing that you should never do is change when you are getting good results.”

So once again, to clarify, I'm not saying that across the board you should use MMS1 over CDS/CDH. There are reasons why one might start using CDS/CDH over MMS such as taste or convenience, which may be a deal breaker for some. When I was in South Africa a year ago a small group was getting good results with CDS. They asked me if I thought they should stop the CDS and use MMS1. I gave them this same advice then, “Never, never stop doing what is successful and working. If you were to stop using something that works and getting good results that would almost be a crime.” At the same time, if you are on CDS for example, and you seem to plateau, you are no longer making progress, then you might consider switching to MMS1, that is, in addition to investigating things you might be doing wrong that is canceling out your dosing, be it something in your diet, etc.

Let me say that the fact that I made this mistake and told people that CDH dropped to zero in stomach acid made Scott McRae, one of the inventors of CDH re-evaluate the formula and improve it in ways, and it is, according to a number of people, a much better formula now and it seems to have better characteristics. Mainly the new formula gives it a longer refrigerator life, a better taste and it's less irritating to the throat. Not that I am saying it needed improvement, but any time you have an improvement, better accept it. We're calling this new version of CDH, "CDH2%" and really, all you have to do to make it is use an activator which is half the strength of what it was before for making the old CDH, which we are now renaming to CDH4% to differentiate the two. So to make CDH4% we use 4% HCl, and for this new CDH2% we use the same amount of HCl but we use 2% instead. Same goes for citric acid - just reduce the percent to half what it was before. Here's Scott's website for the new CDH2% in case you have any questions about it:

So that’s it. Please continue with CDS and CDH as you see the need and realize they are both very useful. And again I apologize for the screw up.

In closing, I want to say that over the months there has been some confusion concerning CDS and CDH regarding how to make it, equivalents to MMS1, amounts for dosing, and so on. I'm working on sorting this out so stay tuned to this Newsletter and for more important information concerning CDS and CDH—it will be coming soon.

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